Light and Stone
by Color

9 November 2004

Erythrite 916 photo:J.Buss


Axinite Phlogopite Coquimbite Alexandrite Lepidolite Vesuvianite Kunzite Ruby Botswana Agate Lavender Quartz Hexagonite Muscovite Lepidolite Creedite Kunzite Kunzite Creedite Creedite Burro Creek Agate Jadeite Botswana Agate Youngite Beryllium Fluorite Purpurite Purpurite Amethyst Purpurite Kammererite Amethyst Purpurite Charoite Burro Creek Agate Jasper Purpurite Amethyst Sugilite Chalcocite Purpurite Fluorite Jasper Ruby Stichtite Chalcocite Purpurite Purpurite Cobaltian Dolomite Erythrite Erythrite Ruby Fluorite Erythrite Spinel Red Beryl Erythrite Erythrite Peacock Ore Sugilite Sphaerocobaltite Fluorite Jasper Ruby Cuprite Ruby Fluorite Jasper Rubellite Cuprite Ironstone Lepidolite Burro Creek Agate Vesuvianite Covellite Rainbow Hematite Lepidolite Burro Creek Agate Purpurite Chalcocite Fluorite Tanzanite Uvite Purpurite Covellite Manganvesuvianite


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