Light and Stone
by Color

5 November 2004

Cavansite 2985 photo:J.Buss


Boulder Opal Epidote Sodalite Calcite Boulder Opal Idaho Blue Opal Montana Blue Agate Blue Lace Agate Benitoite Rutilated Quartz Epidote Anhydrite White Opal Boulder Opal Sodalite Molybdenite Blue Lace Agate Holly Blue Agate Calcite Boulder Opal Indigo Sodalite Holly Blue Agate Indigo Sodalite Indigo Sodalite Petrified Oak Jasper African Blue Agate Indigo Sodalite Molybdenite Indigo Sodalite Boleite Rainbow Hematite Clinoclase Celestite Larimar Celestite Turquoise Turquoise Chrysocolla Turquoise Chalcanthite Linarite Azurite Chalcanthite Chalcanthite Chalcanthite Lapis Lazuli Linarite Chalcanthite Chalcanthite Chalcanthite Chalcanthite Lapis Lazuli Boleite Indigo Sodalite Lapis Lazuli Boulder Opal Sodalite Linarite Kinoite Cornetite Talc Blue Lace Agate Idaho Blue Opal Aerinite Euclase Spinel Clinoclase Boulder Opal Indicolite Indigo Sodalite Sapphire Dendritic Agate Molybdenite Muscovite Holly Blue Agate Sapphire Chalcanthite Biotite Kyanite Tanzanite Arsenopyrite Celestite Vivianite Kyanite Celestite Cavansite Chrysocolla Kyanite


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