Light and Stone
by Color

6 November 2004

Tsavorite Garnet 2672 photo:J.Buss


Kidwellite Apatite Serpentine Olivenite Talc Lime Green Heliodor Triphane Serpentine Spodumene Vesuvianite Beryl Aquamarine Adamite Anapaite Ludlamite Vesuvianite Apophyllite Emerald Selenite Apophyllite Chalcanthite Anyolite Vesuvianite Beryl Turquoise Peridot Olivenite Olivenite Adamite Adamite Sphene Peridot Wavellite Apatite Serpentine Phlogopite Elbaite Peridot Verdelite Chromium Diopside Olivenite Cuprosklodowskite Elbaite Apatite Prehnite Adamite Adamite Adamite Peridot Peridot Tangeite Vesuvianite Adamite Mottramite Kornerupine Adamite Adamite Uranocircite Uranocircite Duftite Elbaite Peridot Peridot Zincite Peacock Ore Vesuvianite Beryl Serpentine Brazilianite Vesuvianite Adamite Beryl Adamite Verdelite Epidote Mohawkite Tsavorite Beryl Gyrolite Vesuvianite Peridot Chlorite in Quartz Epidote


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