Light and Stone
by Color

9 November 2004

Sulfur 4244 photo:J.Buss


Triphane Talc Chalcopyrite Atacamite Chalcopyrite Rainbow Hematite Orpiment Calcite Adamite Autunite Phurcalite Uranocircite Prehnite Sulfur Sulfur Jelly Opal Carnotite Pyromorphite Copal Dravite Realgar Soddyite Legrandite Arsenopyrite Gold Chalcopyrite Mimetite Sulfur Pyromorphite Calcite Vesuvianite Wulfenite Cobaltite Carpholite Pectolite Sapphire Talc Vesuvianite Citrine Citrine Vesuvianite Amblygonite Milarite Turquoise Heliodor Amalgam Chalcopyrite Topazolite Vesuvianite Coalingite Citrine Copal Soddyite Wulfenite Scheelite Wulfenite Petrified Wood Uranophane Labradorite Calcite Copal Cacoxenite Orpiment Wulfenite Jelly Opal Rutile Jelly Opal Talc Trona Rhyolite Citrine Milarite Trona Powellite Spessartine/Albite Wulfenite Wulfenite Curite Dravite Cacoxenite Wulfenite Hawleyite Amber Descloizite Powellite Topaz Descloizite Wulfenite Wulfenite Curite Copper Whiteite Zoisite Hubeite Wulfenite Rutile Grossular Calcite Barite Mimetite Wulfenite Copal Citrine Amber Buergerite Vesuvianite Dendritic Agate Sapphire Meionite Vesuvianite Kasolite Apatite


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