Light and Stone
by Color

9 November 2004

Hessonite 2907 photo:J.Buss


Hemimorphite Chabazite Chabazite Wulfenite Wulfenite Citrine Mimetite Realgar Wulfenite Carnelian Hemimorphite Wulfenite Scheelite Citrine Stellerite Petalite Cacoxenite Axinite Calcite Carnotite Scheelite Orpiment Rutiled Quartz Uranophane Grossular Orpiment Barite Hessonite Stilbite Sugilite Pecos Diamond Elbaite Pecos Diamond Poldervaartite Pascoite Nambulite Realgar Zircon Celestite Carnelian Wulfenite Jelly Opal Halite Crocoite Carnelian Hemimorphite Bellite Mimetite Wulfenite Orpiment Wulfenite Wulfenite Zincite Sugilite Carnelian Wulfenite Hematite/Barite Chabazite Hematite/Adamite Pascoite Barite Peacock Ore Limonite/Legrandite Zincite/Franklinite Sphaelerite Sphalerite/Fluorite Astrophyllite Dravite Dravite Golden Barite Surssasite Orpiment Amber Cuprite Hubnerite Garnet Dravite Hubeite Petalite Muscovite Scheelite Orpiment Sapphire Dravite Eudialyte Pentlandite Petalite Bronzite Scheelite Dendritic Agate Snakeskin Agate Scheelite Meionite Jarosite Neptunite Phlogopite Orpiment Native Silver Zinnwaldite Petrified Wood Dyscrasite Pentlandite Plattnerite Galena Muscovite Sodalite Gypsum Rose


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