Light and Stone
by Color

9 November 2004

Cuprite 3275 photo:J.Buss


Rhodonite Fire Opal Rhodonite Sunstone Tigereye Halite Halite Halite Halite Carnelian Spessartine Carnelian Sugilite Vanadinite Sugilite Tigereye Hemimorphite Orbicular Jasper Rhodochrosite Wulfenite Tigereye Scheelite Hemimorphite Goethite Rubellite Sugilite Spessartine Vanadinite Jelly Opal Carnelian Rhodochrosite Vanadinite Cuprite Descloizite Rhodonite Crocoite Realgar Rhodonite Rhodonite Rhodochrosite Eudialyte Ruby Cinnabar Ruby Cuprite Rubellite Ruby Cuprite Ruby Rutile Eudialyte Garnet Spinel Eudialyte Lepidocrocite in Quartz Rhodochrosite Eudialyte Clinoptilolite Uvite Clinoptilolite Orpiment Ruby Halite Iron-Rich Variscite Hubnerite Manganotantalite Garnet Uvite Zircon Cinnabar Eudialyte Vanadinite Uvite Eudialyte Ruby Cuprite Cuprite Cuprite Bismuth Rhodonite Lepidocrocite in Quartz Carnelian Hemimorphite Hubnerite Roselite Rubellite Neptunite Hubnerite Limonite/Hemimorphite


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