Light and Stone

by Color

11 May 2004

Muscovite 2921 photo:J.Buss


Goshenite 3056 photo:J.Buss Sugilite 2911 photo:J.Buss Lapis Lazuli 1050 photo:J.Buss Chalcanthite 4396 photo:J.Buss Aquamarine 1568 photo:J.Buss Rhodochrosite 2982 photo:J.Buss Dioptase 2228 photo:J.Buss Zincite 3130 photo:J.Buss Jelly Opal 614 photo:J.Buss Scheelite 3405 photo:J.Buss Rubellite 4360 photo:J.Buss Manganite 2683 photo:J.Buss


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