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5 June 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Inanna's third gate is silence, and Starhawk's seventh chapter is about breaking free from our internal Censors, and it's a chapter that's loaded with jewels.   Here are but a very few of the many [pp.176-198]...

"The Censor makes its presence known as a voice whispering in our ears: 'Don't say that!   You don't really think that.   You're the only one that feels that way - don't tell anyone.' "

"The Censor has a powerful weapon in shame.   We keep silent because we feel ashamed of a situation, or fear shame if others find out... often the one who attempts to bring an abuse to light is shamed and blamed."

"To connect, we must take the terrifying risk of speaking our truth, revealing our real and vulnerable self.   The Censor also stops us from revealing - and knowing - our power.   For power-from-within arises as spontaneous action, movement, expression, joy."

"To take power is to be willing to speak the truth that arises in us, whether other people approve of us or not.   When the sacred comes alive in us, we become responsible to the truth we alone can tell, to the facet of the great vision that we alone can see.   That responsibility overrides any obligation to please."

"Boredom is a nearly infallible signal of the Censor's presence...   When someone is emoting, and we find ourselves feeling bored, some truth is not being said.   We may be censoring our own pain, tension, or anger.   Or the real issue causing pain may still be hidden."

"Anger's very essence is that the energy moves beyond what is 'proper' or permitted."

"The power to keep silent is one of the traditional four powers of the magician...   Openly expressing our feelings does make us vulnerable - and being vulnerable is not always a good idea.   Where power is unequal, the person with less power who expresses vulnerability risks getting eliminated.   When we don't have to conceal our own feelings and perceptions from ourselves, we can make decisions about what to say and whom to trust.   Not everyone is trustworthy."

           A muse of ours says, "Sorry to ask petty questions, but my Saturn is 19 Virgo and my Mars is 22 Virgo, both in the 5th house, so does this part about the vacancy pertain to me?"

           The 19-Virgo vacancy completes a grand cross with the Pluto-Vesta tsquare that Venus forms during it's transit of the Sun.   One way we might interpret this tsquare (for all of us) is that we may receive an epiphany (Sun-Venus) which transforms (Pluto) what we hold to be sacred (Vesta), or which temporarily annihilates (mutable signs) our beliefs about what is sacred, by revealing our idols to be false, so we gain free space to receive a higher vision.   A person with a natal planet in the vacancy would balance this synergy for their community by completing the grand cross.   This is why we sometimes use the term priest/ess for this function - they are an intermediary for the global synergy, translating it to the local level.

           With a natal Saturn in the vacancy, the Venus Transit will likely transform our querant's identity, so that their epiphany about the sacred brings about a change in the roles they adopt in their community.   They may begin advocating or testifying in ways that they would not have done previously.   They may ground the Venus Transit synergy, so that it's more accessible to folks on the physical level, particularly with their natal Mars nearby.   For many a Mars-Saturn person, self-love does not come easy.   Self-criticism feels much more natural.   The Venus Transit may shift this, so afterwards they have a better feeling for the sanctity of the self, and a better understanding about the importance of respecting it, and a readier awareness of when they diss themself.   Their community may notice this change, and inquire, and our querant may be called to speak about their epiphany in ways that enlighten the community.

           There's more.   The Venus Transit trines Neptune, so whatever issues are triggered for each of us by the tsquare, they are resolved (trine) by our relationship with God/dess (Neptune).   Our querant's natal Neptune sits at 17 Libra, completing a grand trine with Sun-Venus and today's Neptune.   So our querant is a natural channel (grand trine) for the most sacred (Neptune) components of the Venus-Transit message, even though they themself might be confused (Neptune) by it.   It's important that our querant recognize confusion as the first stage of growth, as the breakdown of old systems of thought which once produced comfort by ordering the Universe, but which have now become obsolete and hinder ascension.

           And more.   It's not exact, but our querant's natal Pluto opposes the Venus-Transit Neptune, implying that these transformations are not optional (Pluto) for them.   And their natal Neptune conjoins their natal Vertex, making their Vertex part of the completed grand trine.   A Vertex is a hole in the Veil, the rabbithole of What the Bleep Do We Know, a place that's informed by our querant's parallel lives.   So our querant will be in a position where the Starhawk quotes from above will be central.   "Power-from-within arises as spontaneous action" is just one example.   If our querant allows their Censor to run the show here, their spontaneous action will not be informed by the larger perspective of their multidimensionality, and their community will not be enlightened by it.

           This is a lot of attention on one person's chart, but it illustrates the ways all of us will be interacting with the Venus-Transit event, and the challenges and opportunities that present themselves to us.   If you have natal planets in 15-21 degrees of any sign, you are an instrument and a customer of this significant global transformation.   The Venus-Transit chart is in many ways a birth chart for the next phase in the evolution of the Planet.   The normal Venus cycle lasts 18 months, but this Venus-Transit cycle lasts 113 years, so the changes that we each facilitate for the Planet, are long-lived.

           "When the sacred comes alive in us, we become responsible to the truth we alone can tell, to the facet of the great vision that we alone can see,"   None of us here has any less important a role to play in this transition.   This Venus-Transit chart is also the birth chart of the last eight years of the Mayan calendar, the final phase before the transition to a new era.   Venus Transits comes in pairs, and this one's twin occurs 6 June 2012.   The final phase of an old era may be the most important portion of a cycle, because it's in the final phase that we choose to either empty ourself completely to become the vehicle of the New, or hold fast to the Old and so resist the New.

           When we have a vested interest in the Old, it can behoove us, at least in the short term, to resist the New.   But here where Kali Yuga turns upward toward the light, here in this last Void year before the beginning of a new, very promising 35-year Venus-Mars cycle, here where we shift from Newtonian victim physics to quantum roll-yer-own physics, and from a science where matter and life are Godless to a science where matter and life are infused by Consciousness and Spirit, here it does not behoove us to grasp the Old out of Fear, or resistance to Grief, or habits of Withholding.   This Venus Transit reveals our Fear, our resistance to Grief, our habits of Withholding, so we can facilitate their transformation with Love.

           Some of the stones that help us clarify, embrace, and share "the facet of the great vision that we alone can see" with discrimination include Manganotantalite, Chrysoprase, Celestite, Golden Barite, Sodalite, and Ruby.

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