Round Three

28 June 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           We'll do the astrology later, let's do the meat first.   Here's where we are.   Our relationships with one another and with materiality are changing drastically this year, the biggest change since the 60s.   Everything we do this year is for the purpose of learning.   If you think yer already educated and you can play for real now, you'll have some pleasant surprises between now and the enda the year.   On top of this, our paradigm is changing.   Call it Kali Yuga or the End Times or the Enda the Calendar or the Agea Aquarius or whatever you like, but Newtonian physics with its God CauseAndEffect, is now just another band member, and the new lead singer is teaching us the quantum riffs that She wants to back up Her new vocals.

           You have a contract with the Universe.

           If there's anything about yer life that's less than blissful, you can renegotiate yer contract.

           That leaves us with two questions.   Where is this contract written down, so we can review it, and How do we renegotiate it.   The answers are disarmingly simple.

           This contract is written down in yer personal history.   What's the most money you've ever had at once?   That's in yer contract.   The longest-running hot sexual relationship you ever had?   In yer contract.   The longest-lasting mutual-growth relationship you ever had?   Yep, in yer contract.   What else do you want?   Security, safety, health, excitement - yer life to date tells you exactly what's in yer contract.

           You can renegotiate it by declaring an intention, or simply by asking for what you want, or with prayer, or with visualization or affirmation.

           Coupla other things ya need to know.   When you declare an intention or ask for something or pray for it, or visualize or affirm it, the first thing the Universe gives ya is a demonstration of why you haven't had it all along.   That's important.   When ya ask for a pink Cadillac and ya get a nice puce Yugo, yer invited to stick to yer current contract and recognize that Prayer/Intention/Asking/ Visualization/Affirmation (PIAVA for short) dont work.   They might work for everybody else, but they sure dont work for you.   Or, you can reinterpret yer puce Yugo.   If ya open yer mind to it, that puce Yugo will show you what you've been doing to "sabotage yerself."   That's what it feels like to yer pink-Cadillac-wanter, sabotage.   Of course it aint, it's just a belief that if you hadda pink Cadillac, something untoward would happen toya.

           So ya got some homework deciphering those beliefs, cuz they're sometimes easier to change when ya know what they are.   Maybe you need a pink Cadillac and free gas cuz yer scared you wont be able to feed the dang thing.   Maybe you want a pink Cadillac but ya dont wanna give up yer fine reputation as a Greenie.   The belief that we gotta appear to be consistent in some way, is onea the best forms of self-sabotage.   But figuring it out is at best optional, and at worst an even greater sabotage, cuz figuring it out happens in the two-dimensional mindbone, and yer life happens in about eight zillion additional dimensions.   Figuring it out often means freezing it stone cold dead.   Whenever you think you understand something, always add or something like that to the end.   This was Eugene Gendlin's ingenious strategy in Focusing, to keep the mindbone entertained while you escape the ashes of it's rigid ideals.

           If ya wanna just skip the figuring it out stage, that's fine.   All ya really gotta do, is just persevere.   I wanna pink Cadillac.   Here's a puce Yugo.   I wanna pink Caddy.   Here's a red Dodge.   I wanna pink Cadillac.   Here's a pink Lincoln.   I wanna pink Cadillac.   Here's a white Cadillac.   I wanna pink Cadillac.   Oh all right! Here's yer dang pink Caddy!   But I'm taking yer first-born!

           The second other thing ya need to know, is that you always get what you ask for.   Scary, aint it.   If you dont get what you thought you was asking for, then you better find out who else is asking behind yer back!   It's that simple.   You might be consciously asking for a pink Cadillac, but who else is inside yer shirt and what're they asking for?   Yer inner Greenie, frinstance - are they asking for a Prius?   A new bicycle?   A Deux Chevaux?   And what about yer inner accountant.   Are they asking for a pink Cadillac with bicycle pedals?   And what would Mom and Dad (whose voices you've internalized) say?   Well, they're saying it now, and till you renegotiate, that's part of what yer asking for.

           The figuring-out part can be useful for finding and re-integrating yer splits and splinters - which we all have.   If ya do it intellectually, the trick is to find the positive function of yer saboteur - this is Fritz Perls's trick.   So ya wanna pink Cadillac and ya also wannna respect the Planet and ya wanna keep yer operating costs low.   You see how the mindbone wants so bad to get in there and solve that riddle?   But it aint a riddle, it's a wanna, and wannas - like Reality - arent consistent.   Do you really wanna keep yer operating costs low, or just within yer budget, allowing yer budget to grow?   Could be either, ya gotta ask yer Heart.   Maybe ya just want freedom, wanna be able to feel like you can drive anywhere without worrying about how much the gas is gonna cost.

           So ya PIAVA all three - Pink Cadillac, Planet Respect, and Freedom, and ya let the Universe work out the fine print.   Now comes the third other thing - now ya gotta change the subject.   Once you've made yer prayer, the more ya think about it, the more you'll screw it up.   It aint about thinking.   Once the Universe offers you the Blue Edsel, then you can do some thinking about who mighta asked for a Blue Edsel.   You might need to add a fourth term to yer PIAVA.   But till then, ya gotta keep yer mindbone occupied with other things.   When it crosses yer mind, repeat yer PIAVA and let it go.

           Other thing number four is from Stephen Levine, who always advised not to start with the 300-pound weight when you decide to lift weights.   If you got a black Lincoln to trade in, a pink Caddy isn't so crazy.   If yer trading in a skateboard, yer probably gonna get a pink Matchbook Caddy.   People make fun of "newagers" manifesting parking places and finding lost carkeys, but you dont develop faith by raising the dead, you grow faith by starting with small things, possible or even plausible things, and working yer way up.

           The fifth other thing is Will.   You might wanna pink Caddy, but does God wantya to have a pink Caddy?   You can stumble over all kindsa shame programming here, but there's always an edge between what you want right now, and what you're gonna want tomorrow, after you've grown a bit in Spirit.   Tomorrow you might wanna pink house instead, or ya might want good health for yer lover, or ya might want a pink Learjet, and you dont getta know in advance.   If ya knew in advance, it wouldnt be growth.   So ya gotta hold it lightly.   As if you were borrowing everything.   Nothing wrong with a borrowed pink Caddy, if the insurance is in line.

           Ultimately, this is not about manifesting a pink Caddy or anything else, it's about developing faith in yer ability to manifest.   If you know you can create what you want (or at least, if you try sometimes, what you need), then you'll never want for anything, and you'll never grasp at anything.   The next step after faith in yer ability to manifest, is Grace - faith that you are being taken care of.   Then yer manifestations become a lot less work, cuz you simply have faith and gratitude that your needs will be met.   But that's down the road, and we dont wanna get ahead of ourself.   For now we wanna start simple - maybe tomorrow wanting a meal that's delicious, nutritious, inexpensive, and effortless.   Practice on the achievable, that's the way to develop faith that's genuine, that doesn't run and hide at the first sign of a storm.

           Another "other thing" is Pattern, giving credit to Nancy Shipley Rubin for this insight.   It used to be, if you wanted money, the simplest way to get it was to get a job.   That Pattern's being replaced by a different one, with all the jobs leaving town, so it's not so reliable anymore.   But the Pattern is that it's a lot harder to create something that nobody's ever created, than it is to manifest what's been done before.   Doesn't mean you wanna limit yer wants - just means you can move faster by using off-the-shelf parts.

           Everybody got this down?   Any questions?

           Here's the astrology of it...   Our next big jump arrives Tuesday-Wednesday (Honolulu 2pm Tue, Seattle 5pm Tue, New York 8pm Tue, London 1am Wed, Johannesburg/ Jerusalem 3am Wed, Sydney 10am Wed), when Venus emerges from her retreat.   Let's review her retreat briefly.   From 14 April till 16 May, Venus crossed 10-27 Gemini.   This riled up all yer own natals between 10 and 27 of the mutable signs - Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius - and stirred up a buncha trouble on the planet at large, cuz the planet's got many tender spots in that range from recent initiations and events.

           If you wanna go into it, you can check http://www.jbuss.com/degreeindex.htm and count all the blue lines between 10 Gemini and 27 Sadge - those are all lit up.   A few of the biggies include the Uranus-Pluto (2012: the 60s become permanent) cycle, the Chiron-Pluto cycle (yer gonna heal whether ya like it or not), the Saturn-Chiron cycle (we have found the healer and it is us), and of course the famous Venus-Mars-Saturn-Pluto-Dragon initiation of May 2002 (which drastically changes our relationships with one another and with materiality).   Not only that, but the first outabounds Venus-Mars initiation of the series that ends in December 2004, occurred at 25 Sadge in 1995 (the biggest change in our relationships since the 60s).

           Now, all this happened before Venus crossed the face of the Sunbone.   In mid-May, Venus went on retreat, and retraced her steps over all those 10-27 mutable bruises, in the process dancing with Dr. Sunbone in their twice-every-120-years dos-a-dos.   And of course this century's encore is in 2012 - when else would it be?   This year's Crossing was 18 Gemini, "Two Chinese men talking Chinese."   What language did we expect them to be speaking?   Kinda like that old joke about the frozen Snake - after the Samaritan thawed the Snake, the Snake bit him.   When asked why, the Snake said, "You knew I was a Snake when you picked me up!" Kinda like our self-sabotage Patterns getting lit up, eh?

           The 2012 retreat is back in Gemini, spanning 8-24 this time.   The Crossing itself?   16 Gemini, "A woman suffragist haranging... the soul's demand for full participation in the responsibilities of human society, and of the realization that the values of life are maintained only as there is a mutual give-and-take in respect to every real difference in point of view" [Jones p.224].   Remember these symbols were channeled in the 30s - this aint "women's lib," it's about giving women the "right" to vote, to have a voice in their own destiny.

           So now, till 2 August, Venus tracks through 10-27 Gemini for the third time.   As they say, "third time's a charm" - by now we're old hands at this.   The after-retreat third crossing is usually just a review, and often demonstrates to us how much we learned in the two earlier crossings.   If you managed to stay in denial about something important during the first two episodes, then the third crossing can still bring difficulty.   So keep yer eye out for difficulty in July - it can lead you directly to yer next self-sabotaging belief, ripe and ready to be released.

           Last week was kinda rollercoastery for many folks, as a coupla cycles were lit up.   Pallas initiated Mercury on Monday 21 June, at 4 Cancer.   The Mercury-Pallas cycle is about how much we allow our thoughts to imprison us, and 4 Cancer is "A Cat arguing with a Mouse."   Saturn initiated Mercury on Saturday-Sunday, 26-27 June, at 16 Cancer.   The Mercury-Saturn cycle teaches us to keep our thoughts focused on I want so they dont stray into I dont want, cuz since the Universe dont do dont it hears "I dont want pain" as "I want pain."   16 Cancer is "A person meditating on a mandala and studying an ancient scroll."   We like the sound of that one.   These are both one-year cycles.

           A bigger event was the culmination of the Ceres-Neptune cycle on Friday 25 June.   This is a four- to five-year cycle dealing with how much we allow Grace to support us, and how much we respect the sacred, particularly with regard to the sanctity of the Planet.   The initiation occurred on Christmas 2001 at 8 Aqua - "Beautifully gowned wax figures."   In other words it's about seeing through sham appearances to the essence of the matter, insights about the places where we confuse what's proper and beautiful and right with what's in integrity for us.   Truthspeaking about our real needs, appearances be damned.   This culmination lasts till the phitile of late September.

           The minor events this coming week include the culmination on Monday-Tuesday of the short Mercury-Juno cycle (our thoughts about loyalty) which began in mid-November at 7 Sadge, "Cupid knocking at the door."   Oh my, just the ticket here in the midst of a relationship heuristic.   And the Mercury-Chiron cycle (the way our thoughts interfere with our healing) culminates on Thursday.   This cycle began on 1 February at 22 Cap, "A general accepting defeat gracefully."   You still have time to let go and let the Goddess.

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