Three Point Five

28 June 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Round Three was of course manifestation as seen from the feminine angle, which angle is waxing strongly.   There's still doing involved, yer inner male doesn't just go limp here, not at all.   But here in this manifestation Void, all doing is about learning.   It useta be called "Trial and Error," but that name looks from the perspective of results, and this year is about the perspective of process.   Lots of us have programmed fear of making a "mistake," and that's gotta go.   Planning and executing works great when nothing is changing.   So does ritual.   But when change is rampant, as it is now, neither works worth beans.   Ya need intuition, and intuition is not in cahoots with outcomes, it's in cahoots with process and learning.

           So more often than not, intuition "fails" - from the perspective of delivering the results we thought we wanted.   From the perspective of delivering the experience we need, intuition never fails.   Finding our intuition is always a good trick, very "trial and lesson" in itself.   Intuition is the voice of Spirit, and mosta the time mostofus operate from the voice of Matter instead.   Spirit very seldom walks a straight line, it's waaay too multidimensional for that.   Probably more accurate to say that Spirit's path looks serendipitous when projected into a few dimensions.   Matter and outcomes are always looking for the shortest distance between two points in three or four dimensions.

           It's tempting for us to drop back to the Grail Legend, since that was our last real culturally-approved renaissance of the feminine.   In one version of the Grail process, the masculine serves the feminine.   But that's outa balance too.   Better to differentiate between the feminine and the Spiritual, and not assign gender to Spirit.

           Last year was our Mars year, this year our Venus year.   Both are about trial and lesson, about experience, not about textbooks and lectures and memorizing.   The Void doesnt mean dont act, quite the contrary.   It means dont expect results.   Whoa, why bother to act if I dont expect results!   Precisely.   That hesitation illustrates our bias toward Materiality.   Act because it leads to wisdom.   Act because like eating and pooping, action is a design feature of our vehicle.   If yer actions aren't enjoyable, change yer process.   Act out in ways that are fun.   We dont really come back to balance between Venusjill and Marsjack till 2005.   Till then, as they say on Wall Street, "It aint whatcha earn, it's whatcha learn."

           Just this morning one of the most important other things popped in - qualities.   You'll move a lot faster in yer manifestations if you ask yerself, what'll I have in my body if I get that pink Cadillac?   Will it be Joy?   Pride?   The Envy of my Peers?   The swell of Success?   I know, it's been a coupla generations since Cadillac was the symbol of success, and that only in Amerika.   Maybe for you it's a Beemer or a a 5000-square- foot house in the Hamptons or Planet Healing or a villa in the South of France or good health for all or a hot boyfriend or nirbikalpa samadhi or a cool job or free drugs or Yer Own Healing Center or a fat inheritance or World Peace or alla candybars you can eat without gaining weight or a magical mystery tour with a bigname healer to Egypt or Peru or Karratha or Antarctica - or alla the above.   It dont matter what ya want.

           The relevant question is, How will you feel when ya get it.   Then, rather than farting around asking for the Caddy or the villa or the squeeze, PIAVA that feeling directly.   (If ya missed Round Three, PIAVA is short for pray/intend/ask/visualize/affirm.)

           The relevant question is, How will you feel when ya get it.   Then, rather than farting around asking for the Beemer or the house or the salary, PIAVA that feeling directly.

           The relevant question is, How will you feel when ya get it.   Then, rather than farting around asking for Peace or Planet Healing or Ascension, PIAVA that feeling directly.

           It's worth repeating.   The relevant question is, How will you feel when ya get it.   Then, rather than farting around asking for the Caddy or the villa or the squeeze, PIAVA that feeling directly.   You'll save yerself a boatload of trouble.

           Then another other thing - always add lovingly and gently at the enda yer PIAVAs.   Most of us were programmed through fear and punishment and shame, and to renegotiate our contracts means we gotta come face to face with that pain.   With that kinda programming, it's a short step from manifesting to self-flaggelation.   When yer facing yer old contract and dreading a seemingly unavoidable confrontation with it, PIAVA to do it the easy way while gaining all the advantages you woulda gained had you done it the hard way.   Dont hurt to add rapidly and completely either - PIAVA to release all impediments to unending Grace lovingly and gently and rapidly and completely.

           When we come up against our fear-punishment-shame programming, or for that matter up against some of the more ridiculous profanities in the evening "news," anger is inevitable.   While anger is just the steam that engorges yer inner male, manifesting with the synergy of anger can tie you up dealing with backlash more than ya need.   Frinstance, the French got rid of the Louies, and ended up with Napoleon.   We could get into similar trouble with George II and Dick II, were it not for the example of Dick I and Spiro I.   Ya wanna keep the passion in yer anger, but lose the attributions.   Anytime yer feelings have an object, as in I'm mad at you or I love you, you know yer in the mind, not the heart.

           Feelings dont have objects, they only have subjects. It's I feel anger, or I feel love, and that's it.   The embellishments and "causes" are only thoughts about yer feelings, and they'll always getcha in trouble.   So lets say I catch my lover in bed with someone else, or read about another Cyanide spill at some Gold mine that wipes out all living creatures between the mine to the sea, and I get mad.   I'm better off locating the anger in my body and being loving with it there, and then acting in response to the betrayal.   I can still act decisively, but now I'll be "in love" instead of "in anger," and my action will be much more effective.   When yer working with righteous anger from the space of Love and Truth, it aint about lullabies and birthdaycakes, but it also aint about backlash.

           Which leads us to another other thing - dont aim yer manifestations at a specific individual, cuz that kinda manipulation is a nasty violation of the other's sovereignty.   That's another advantage of aiming yer PIAVAs at the qualities you wanna feel in yer body more often.   Joe or Suzy aint gonna "make you feel" wonderful, they're gonna "make you" get painfully honest with yerself and with them, or yer relationship'll die just as fast as all the others have.   And the probability that Joe or Suzy can handle that kinda honesty is fairly low, so it may not last long enough to get dead.   Ask to adapt to a situation in such a way that it feeds yer wants, or ask to change the situation, but dont ask for someone else to change, or you'll waste more effort dealing with the backlash, than you'll gain from the manifestation.

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