But if you try sometimes

6 June 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Well, now that we've given up our Grief, our Fear, and our Pride, we have only two things left to surrender - our Needs and our Name.   Once we do that, we'll be ready to emerge blinking into the light, empty vessels for the new wine.   Venus crosses closest to the center of the Sun at Honolulu 10:20 pm Monday, Seattle 1:20 am Tuesday, New York 4:20 am, London 9:20 am, Jerusalem 11:20 am, Coober Pedy 5:50 pm Tuesday.   The entire passage, from tangent to tangent, takes a little over six hours, so you'll want to subtract and add 3:06 from those times to get the whole enchilada.   In other words,

Honolulu 7:13 pm Monday to 1:27 am Tuesday
Anchorage 9:13 pm Monday to 3:27 am Tuesday
Seattle 10:13 pm Monday to 4:27 am Tuesday
Denver 11:13 pm Monday to 5:27 am Tuesday
Houston and Lima 12:13 to 6:27 am Tuesday
New York 1:13 to 7:27 am Tuesday
London 6:13 am to 12:27 pm Tuesday
Madrid and Amsterdam 7:13 am to 1:27 pm Tuesday
Jerusalem 8:13 am to 2:27 pm Tuesday
Baghdad 9:13 am to 3:27 pm Tuesday
Calcutta 10:43 am to 4:57 pm Tuesday
Adelaide 2:43 pm to 8:57 pm Tuesday
Wangaratta 3:13 pm to 9:27 pm Tuesday
covers the whole event.

           The grand cross in the Venus Transit chart is Ceres-Neptune-Dragon, implying that those who dont regard the Planet as a Sacred Being may find themselves under some stress in the near future.   The grand cross occurs at 8-16 of the fixed signs, at the power points of the Zodiac, the Four Horsedudes of the Apophyllite.

           The grand trine is 7-13 of water, suggesting that those who understand the importance of emotion best find compassion for those who dont, or everything just gets worse.   Except for a vacancy at 9 Cap, there's also a grand sextile formed, at 6-13 of the yin signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces).   The two kites thus formed tell us that the path forward requires respect for our personal history, and a willingness to take risks to express our creativity.   Those of you with natal planets near 9 Cap will be helping to midwife this rebirth of Venus and revisioning of priorities, though mostly unconsciously.   If it was conscious, the ego'd probably get in the way and muck things up.   Consciousness is good, but nothing is good allatime.

           The Uranus retreat begins Thursday 6am Honolulu, 9am Seattle, noon New York, 5pm London, 6pm Jerusalem, and in Wangaratta 2am Friday morning.   We've been in the shadow of this retreat since 23 February - any issues of freedom or creativity or restriction or boredom that have arisen for you since then will be illuminated by this retreat, which lasts till 11 November.   It spans 3-7 Pisces, so will trigger any natals you have at 3-7 of any of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, and Sadge, in addition to Pisces).

           If you encounter difficulty on Monday, just change the subject.   It's a day to celebrate, cut loose, a day to get unstuck, so if anybody tries to stick ya, just step aside.   It's Party Time.   If yer meditating, dont take it or yerself too seriously.   Angels fly cuz they take themselves lightly.   If you aint meditating, then eat, drink, and be merry.   Or meditate for a while first, then eat, drink, and be merry.