Are We Still in Kansas?

22 May 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Tomorrow we begin a new Mars-Saturn cycle.   This cycle is the classic onefootonthegas-onefootonthebrake energy, though it needn't be that way.   Most of what most of us do mosta the time is not directly aimed at our Heart's Desire.   We believe we have to go about this indirectly, by having a job so we can get enough money to think about our Heart's Desire, frinstance.   Then the job takes so much time and energy that Desire has to settle for what's leftover, and we constantly question ourself about whether we're doing it "right."   The frustration side of Mars-Saturn, synergies aching to move (Mars) and Fear struggling to keep everything under control (Saturn).

           By focusing (Saturn) intensely on what really inspires us and what really matters, we liberate the synergies (Mars).   With Venus retrograde, this initiation gives us the opportunity to refocus our whole life toward inspiration rather than control.   What holds you back (Saturn)?   How do you overcompensate for that (Mars)?   Overcompensation burns energy.   If you use Saturn to control your destiny rather than to focus it, then the energy you block has to emerge somewhere.   It may come out self-destructively, or simply wastefully.   Can you use Saturn as your steering wheel instead of your brake?

           There's Grief involved in using Saturn this way, because when we choose a direction, even if it's the direction of our Heart's Desire, we lose other options, and what we lose we must Grieve.   If you use Saturn to keep Grief at arms length, you'll never be able to commit to your Heart's Desire, and if anything ever demanded commitment, its yer Heart.   When we dont hold ourselves apart from Grief, we can process it very quickly.   If you learn nothing else from this Venus retreat, learn to be loving and gentle with your Grief.   From there it's a short step to being passionate about your Desire rather than avaricious about getting it fulfilled.

           Let me say that again, it's a life-changer.   From being loving with your grief, it's a short step to being passionate about your Desire rather than avaricious about getting it filled.   So passionate about the process that you're blind to the outcome.   Living as a verb, not as a noun.

           Mars-Saturn is a two-year cycle.   The previous initiation was at 14 gemini on 4 may 2002.   This is the business about telepathy, about the global network of peacemongers that has formed over the last two years, in response to the fascist reaction to 9/11.   This new cycle begins at 12 Cancer, "A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message" [Jones p.250].   Rudhyar extrapolates this babe into a "great teacher" [p.117].   An intriguing picture.   Why is the wetnurse - or mother - Chinese?   Clearly there's a movement toward meaning implied here, and a movement toward meaning is a movement toward the Heart.   The next Mars-Saturn initiation is 17 June 2006 at 9 leo - "glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing" [Rudhyar 1973 p.137].

           The stone to keep us on track through a Mars-Saturn initiation is Rutilated Quartz.   There are also forms with Black and Gold-colored and Silver-colored Rutile needles in them, in addition to the Red needles like this one.   If the Sun comes out Sunday, I'll get some of those photographed, because each will have very different effects.   Red needles will move passion right through blocks, so you may want to keep a Citrine handy to buffer stored Grief or an Indigo Sodalite to help pull the blocks aside, or a Kunzite to mellow out the process.   Use these pictures if you dont have the stones handy.

           Black needles will help hold you on the Planet in Grace if you run into any synergies that are difficult to bear.   Here's a killer Black Rutile crystal - it lacks the amplifying Quartz, but it dont look like it needs much in the way of amplification now, does it!

           Gold needles will help you orient to your highest path, lest you confuse the passion in the Belly with the passion in the Heart.   Again they aren't in Quartz, but here are some lovely Gold-colored needles.   Dont discount the passion in yer Belly - through yer Belly is often the fastest way to get to yer Heart.

           We dont have a picture yet of Silver-colored Rutile, but Millerite in Calcite, is an acceptable substitute for now.   Silver Rutile will mirror your self-images back to you, both the identities that block you by emphasizing control - these are the self-images we usually dislike in other people - and the identities that will serve your liberation.   You can tell the difference easily by whether they feel crummy or exhilarating.   If you're working with Silver here, keep a Rhodochrosite or a Uvarovite handy to facilitate self-love.   That's how we dissolve blocks to our passion, with self-love, particularly when we're dealing with negative identities and projections that we experience as self-judgments and judgments of others.

           Let your intuition or your emotions select either Red, Black, Gold, or Silver, choosing the one that draws you in - or the one that pushes you away.   You may want to work with several of them in turn.   If you dont have a supply of multicolored Rutilated Quartz sitting around the house this week, use the pictures.

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