Kansas 2

23 May 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Well, the Sun was out today, so I was able to get photographs of Silver-colored and Gold-colored Rutile in Quartz.   I couldn't put my grubbies on my Black Rutile in Quartz, but I did add new Red and Black Rutile crystals without the Quartz.   While I was at it, I added six new Rhodochrosites, three new Indigo Sodalites, and a new Uvarovite, all at http://www.jbuss.com/rockindex3.htm.   Rutile in Quartz is often called "Rutilated Quartz."   Rutile is an Oxide of Titanium.   Titanium liberates us from fear.   Other Titanium-laced crystals include Sphene, Benitoite, Anatase, Brookite, and Astrophyllite.

           The Mars-Saturn initiation climaxes at Honolulu 8pm Monday, Seattle 11pm Monday, New York 2am Tuesday, London 7am Tuesday, Jerusalem 9am Tuesday, Wangaratta 4pm Tuesday.   Does anybody actually use these times?   We put them in because when you're conscious that a synergy is going down, you can feel it release at the hour when the event occurs, and the synergy winds down very quickly.   That's more than self-suggestion, many many times I've felt the shift before I knew the timing.   The textbook astrological rule is that a synergy builds up gradually and lets up gradually, but that's not the case when you're conscious that the event is occuring.   You dont need to know content, but timing.   You're perfectly capable of sensing content on yer own.

           Synergies let up gradually when we believe an astrological process is permanent, and make decisions and actions accordingly.   The faschists, for instance, took advantage of the political opportunity to make people believe that 9/11 was a permanent process, rather than a climax of the then-current Saturn-Pluto synergy.   That climax went away in mid-2002, and the aroma lingers only because enough people allowed the faschists to dine on their Fear.   As we get further and further from the Saturn-Pluto event, the fascist fife will no longer pull the rats from their burrows.   The Saturn-Pluto phitile (see {jbull} Blue Moon) occurs from September 2005 through June 2006.   By then the synergy of this Saturn-Pluto will be fully spent, and the sky no longer falling.   The initiation of this synergy was in 1982 under The Gipper's watch, at 28 Libra - "A person in the midst of brightening influences" [Jones p.177], implying that by the time the phitile arrives, the avarice of long-simmering faschism may be finally exposed.

           The question keeps coming up, how is it that 2004 is also a Void year with regard to manifestation, and not just relationship?   There's a much longer answer in the queue, but I dont know when I'll have time to write it, so I'll just give the short answer for now.   We manifest by balancing our doing (Mars, inner male) with our being (Venus, inner female), where being includes wanting, visualizing, praying, pretending, asking, flirting, and all of the magnetic things that the inner female handles for all of us.   We been on a track since the 60s in the way we balance that, and the World is now changing, and we dont know yet what its gonna look like when its done, or how we have to adjust the way we strike the balance to manifest in a changed World.   That wisdom will come to us over the next 10 months.   By now youall know where to get more information about this change, right?   Write if ya dont.

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