The Great God Causean Defect

21 March 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Another great question...

"Will you tell me about how 'they' are saying theres "no longer karma"?   Wheres the source(s) of that new info?   What does it mean in your words and is that since one of the more recent shifts?"
Dunno who else is saying karma's done for, but I am.   The Harmonic Concordance sealed the fate of karma, by virtue of it's "Goddess Party" (see Squares and Oppositions and The Harmonic Concordance and the Individual).   It's a bit more complicated than that, but not much.   The primary astrological impetus is this regime-changing big Venus-Mars cycle we're finishing this year (described among other places in The Big Picture #1: Relationships 2002-2005 and {jbull} Perfect Pictures).   And as we just mentioned in {jbull} Dress Rehearsal for 2012, the Uranus-Pluto quintile reinforces these changes.

           But the threshold isn't nearly so important as the doorway, and the basic source is that in the new physics Cause and Effect no longer rules the universe.   In the new physics there are intimate and instantaneous interconnections that are independent of time and space.   There are no reasons why time has to run forward, it can run backward with equal ease.   And measurement of a quantity releases it from its trajectory.   That's the most remarkable part, that observation - consciousness, awareness - cancels the prior vector.   Without linear unidirectional time, cause and effect becomes clearly just a rationalization.   And without cause and effect, there is no karma.

           Now karma always was, and still is, inertia.   The tendency of an energy to continue in its present course unless interrupted or subjected to entropy.   The notion that karma is retribution, as Alan Watts pointed out to us half a century ago, is a projection of Western patriarchic culture's punishing-god control issue.   Karma is simply inertia - but dont underestimate inertia!   Its a powerful and profound force.   But in the new physics, it's counteracted by observation.   The implication is that, every time we get a glimpse of our karma (which is invisible to us most of the time because it pervades our reality), we have the option to release it completely.   How often do we make that choice?   Seldom, because our karma structures our reality, and without it we'd have to build a new structure.

           And that's exactly the opportunity in front of us at this juncture in time - the opportunity to release the universe as we believed it to be, and build a new universe as we want it to be.   A daunting task - remember it took Ol' Yahweh six days to do it, and he started with a blank slate.   For us the task is like changing our shoes while running a marathon, without stopping.   And changing everything else about our reality while we're at it.   If that doesnt overwhelm us, we arent "facing reality."   So, as with any BIG task, we gotta start by breaking it down into smaller pieces.

           What's the most uncomfortable thing about yer life right now?   Do you recognize that this is not a property of reality, but a function of your beliefs?   If this was a property of reality, then everyone would suffer the same discomfort - and I'll wager they dont.   Releasing karma is as simple as making that recognition.   "Oh, I see, my suffering over that was just my beliefs, not the way the world works after all!"   If you can say that with conviction, you've broken yer karma.   Then, we gotta keep making that recognition, to prevent the karma from springing back like bubblegum on our shoe.   And then we gotta change everything else about our reality, to accommodate the implications of that fundamental change!   Easy to see why folks prefer to keep their karma, eh?

           It's a big commitment, releasing karma.   Chances are you'll lose many of yer friends, since they depend on you to reinforce their limitations just as you depend on them for "moral and emotional support."   You'll estrange yerself from yer family of origin, cuz they're the ones whom "you" (soul-level you) contracted with to program your karma into the fabric of yer current lifetime.   Many of the zillions of little everday choices that used to be automatic, will now demand your attention.   From the perspective of yer psychological sense of identity, you'll be walking around naked, feeling self-conscious in places where you used to be able to depend on rote, feeling terrified in situations that used to feel secure, feeling detached from circumstances that used to make you feel worthwhile.   Your significant others may well complain that you're no longer fulfilling their expectations - or worse yet, they may not complain, and instead just hold you out of their heart.

           So yes, karma is no more.   But are we up for this?   As we get closer to 2012, it will be harder and harder to remain in denial about it, so we'll be waaaaay ahead to start now.   If you was gonna be Monkey #102 and wait for everyone else to do the hard work so you could just coast, you wouldn't be reading this at this time.   Amethyst and Ruby Zoisite can help.