Dress Rehearsal for 2012

16 March 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           The hot news this next week is Pluto.   Uranus quintiles Pluto on Friday 19 March, and Pluto begins its 2004 retreat on Wednesday 24 March.   Traditional Western astrology finds squares to be difficult because it ignores the quintile.   We Occidentals prefer to see the world through prozac-colored glasses till it bites off our nose, then our victim has an irrefutable excuse for avoiding responsibility.   Simply put, if ya wanna know about 2012-2015 (when the Uranus-Pluto squares get here), study the quintiles, they're the zodiac's teachers.   So lets do that.   This is the fifth quintile of seven, so we got lots to study.

           The first one was 19 May 2002, from 29 Aqua to 17 Sadge.   Remember May 2002?   That was when we had the big Venus-Mars initiation (described in {jbull} Perfect Pictures) at 19 Gemini, opposite Pluto.   This tells us that it'd be good to clear all traces of codependence from our relationships now while we have the opportunity, because if we dont it'll greatly complicate our experience of 2012-15.   How do you define codependence?   That aint a rhetorical question - take a moment and think about it...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Back when Pluto was in Scorpio "codependent" became such a manipulative epithet that it kinda lost its meaning.   But the phenomenon is real, and important.   Remember what it is?

           The May 2002 Venus-Mars initiation was also a Venus-Saturn initiation (at 15 Gemini) and a Mars-Saturn initiation (at 14 Gemini).   Venus-Saturn cycles only last a year, so we're finishing up our second Venus-Saturn cycle since then.   Twould be good to look at those, but we'll save that for later.   Mars-Saturn cycles span two years, so we'll be starting a new one of those soon, in late May.   We'll look at those later too.   Venus-Mars-Saturn says it aint just our relationships that are a-changing, but who we are in relationship.   Ego deaths are usually a bit stressful, so this suggests that we dont want to avoid any grief or anger or fear this year, especially grief.   "Bring 'em on," as the AntiPrez says.   Wear Opal, and be loving with what arises when ya do.

           Fear and anger are easy relative to grief, because "we" have some degree of control over them.   To convert fear to excitement, all ya gots tado is breathe.   To release anger all ya gotta do is drop outa the mind.   But the only thing you can do with grief, is sit with it and wait till it passes.   Lovingly of course.   Eventually grief opens up to whole new realms of creativity and passion, but it cant be hurried.   Grief rides shotgun to ego death, because ego death means somebody died, and it was somebody we was very close to, namely us.   Pogo mighta said, "We have found the corpse and it is us."

           Finally, this mass baptism opposite Pluto aligned with the Moon's Nodes, with Pluto on the Dragon's tail, and Venus-Mars-Saturn on the fire-breathing end.   So it aint just a simple case of identity, it's deeper than that, it's about karma.   Yes, karma's obsolete - as long as we remember to keep letting go of it!   And what an opportunity that is!   So yes, all the ancient "reasons" why it wont work are right up here in our face, aint they.   Reasons are nature's prozac, nothing but excuses not to feel.   Get conscious of when yer in the mindbone, and recognize that you got options.   The heart hurts, but staying away from it is the worst form of self-abandonment.

           With the Nodes involved, we aren't likely to know what we're grieving, which may make it harder to talk about, harder to accept, harder to feel good about ourself while we're in it.   But it's the Heart that's sovereign, and if the Heart aint us then we need to get surrendering.   An early and oh-so-appropriate challenge from last week's Vesta-Neptune initiation.

           We need to expand a little on "relationship."   We dont just mean yer main squeeze or yer soulmate or other mythological creatures.   We also mean yer relationship with matter.   As in money, abundance, grace, things like that.   There are times when the cotton aint high and the fish aint jumpin.   We make those times much longer by dreaming up justifications for them.   We make them shorter by staying present with the pain in our heart.   Codependence applies as much to our relationship with the material, as it does to our boyfriends and girlfriends.   It's an important concept, time to review it critically and see if it's dulling the weft of our tapestry.

           That was a lot werent it.   Its a reasonable assumption that the first event of a series is the most important one.   And didnt we just look at 29 Aqua last time?   What was it, the 2011 Vesta-Neptune initiation - "A butterfly emerging from a chrysallis: the capacity to utterly transform the character of one's consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon" [Rudhyar 1973 p.267].   So the payoffs are big.   29 Aqua is the degree of record for the first quintile because it's the location of the faster planet (Uranus), it's where things are changing.

           If we want we can also look at Pluto's location at the first quintile.   This would tell us what is likely to be changing.   17 Sadge is "The culturally stimulated longing for group participation in a process of rebirth" [Rudhyar 1973 p.220].   Fascinating!   All our concern for Mom and the "100 Monkeys" then has indeed been codependence!   How fitting for Uranus-Pluto!

           The second quintile was 18 August 2002.   August 2002 was the final event in the Saturn-Pluto series that so famously brought us "9/11" and the relapse of empire.   Of course Saturn-Pluto was an integral part of May 2002 as well.   We talked about that some in {jbull} Focus!.   This quintile was 27 Aqua to 15 Sadge.   I wont repeat all the Sabian symbols for all these degrees, but if you have a natal planet under one of these locations, then that particular quintile may have been hotter for you personally.

           The third quintile was 17 April 2003 from 2 Pisces to 20 Sadge, while Uranus squared the Moon's Nodes and "rootiled" Neptune ({jbull} Above All Do No Harm).   With so much else going on it'll be hard to see it in isolation, but the basic pattern is "What issues arose in my life in May 2002 and recurred in August 2002 and April 2003?"   This is when a journal comes in really handy.   Quintiles arent necessarily subtle, but the synergies that they represent are just easing their way out of Western unconsciousness.   You can probably pretty well tell a Duck from a Chicken at a glance, but was the Duck a Merganser or a Widgeon?   An American Widgeon or a Eurasian Widgeon?   Did you know a Coot was a Chicken?

           The process of becoming conscious is the process of distinguishing details in the spaces where we normally dont look for details.   Ascension = consciousness.   Not that knowing one Duck from another will goose you into ascension - what to attend to in any given moment is always the fulcrum of freedom and necessity.   But being aware of what these quintiles have meant to you personally, will help you prepare for the transformations due in 2012-2015.   Look at Pluto - it's just the biggest iceball yet found out there in the deep freeze, hardly a planet.   Yet anybody who aint poured outa concrete is gonna feel Pluto this next week.   Is that because Pluto's so powerful?   Nope.   It's because the Pluto (Shiva) function has finally become conscious in Western culture!

           Quintile number four was 30 September 2003, from 30 Aqua to 18 Sadge.   This one coincided with the first Saturn-Chiron in this last half of its 20-year series, as well as the end of the closest-approach-since-Atlantis Mars retreat (see all of the September 2003 {jbulls}).   Everybody wants in on this quintile act, dont they.   The fact that these quintiles keep occurring at the same time as other major events is a tribute to their importance - and a characteristic of emerging consciousness - it will take a discerning eye to identify the quintiles amidst all of the other action, and training that discernment is exactly what the process of becoming conscious is all about.

           Number five - the current quintile - is the first one to present with relatively little else going on at the same time, giving us a better chance to feel it.   The fact that Pluto is stationary will enhance the quintile, and the quintile will color the station.   The usual sensation at Pluto stations is the sense of swimming in jello, as if time was a visible dense liquid that we slog through.   Adding Uranus to the mix will be like adding fruit, Cabbage, grated Carrots, and marshmallows.   Sharp-edged slices of Apple, sticky Orange segments, strands of Cabbage that wrap around our throat.   Electric day-glo, like those rockshow posters from the 60s.   Swimming in neon jello.

           Quintile six will be 11 November 04, with Uranus stationary at 3 Pisces, and Juno initiating a new cycle with Chiron at the 22-Capricorn defeat degree, a month before Venus-Mars begins it's new 35-year long cycle.   These two quintiles, number five with Pluto stationary and number six with Uranus stationary, give us the best learning opportunities for 2012-2015.   The others inform us about what we need to release in order to enjoy the transformation.   Quintile seven arrives 12 February 05, from 7 Pisces to 25 Sadge, the same degree as the famous Juno-Uranus initiation two weeks afterward.

           Pluto's retreat begins next Wednesday 24 March at 23 Sadge and lasts till 31 August at 20 Sadge, the shadow period spanning 6 December 2003 to 18 December 2004.   The peak synergy arrives at Honolulu 5am, Seattle 7am, New York 10am, London 3pm, Jerusalem 5pm, Melbourne 2am Thursday.   Any natal planets you got in the range of 20-23 Sadge (or Gemini or Virgo or Pisces), are getting their clocks cleaned.   More consciousness exercises, discerning our personal process from the planetary process.