Above All Do No Harm

10 January 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           I write these when Spirit moves, and try to give Her priority when She does.   She's been having a lot of movements lately, so correspondence is suffering - please forgive me till I catch up.

           As fascinating as they are, we wouldn't usually be writing about all the one- and two-year cycles that we've been writing about, because we like to focus on the Big Picture here.   We also like to write about what's lit up now, though, because it's the ideal learning opportunity for all of us.   I can tell ya something till the cows go away mad, but yer gonna hear it a lot better if it's going on now.   And there's been a lot going on, so we been busy.   It's quieting down now, though, and we can move on to why we been looking into these cycles in the first place.

Big Pictures

           The Biggest Picture of all is the Neptune-Pluto cycle, which we've hardly mentioned.   We'll get to that very soon, because Neptune is now septile Pluto.   Neptune-Pluto is about finding God-connection to be mandatory, and the septile is the angle of shamanic power, so we gotta get to looking at that real soon, while the opportunity is with us.   Power happens, but when we're conscious of it happening, it's less likely to happen to us.   God's hip to the things that blind us to Her, and She can get impatient and try to pull our blinders away, which is great except that we mistake our blinders for our security and try to hold on to them, and lose fingernails.

           The Second Biggest Picture is the Uranus-Pluto cycle, which we been writing about quite a bit, since it's the star of 2012, and for many other more local reasons.   We need to write about this soon too, because Uranus is quintile to Pluto, has been since May 2002, and will be till February 2005.   Quintile is the angle about teaching and learning, and Uranus-Pluto is about mandatory integrity.   The thing with the long nose, Cherry Tree, Nigerien yellowcake, and all that.   So again, we wanna be conscious of this, so we understand what course we're taking.


           A "harmonic" is an angle, expressed as the inverse of a fraction of 360.   90 degrees is one fourth of 360, so the "square" or 90-degree angle, is the 4th harmonic.   The "opposition" or 180-degree angle, is half of 360 or the 2nd harmonic.   The 1st (conjunction), 2nd, 3rd (trine), 4th, and 6th (sextile) harmonics are well known and well documented in western astrology.   The quintile is the 5th harmonic (360 / 5 or 72 degrees), and the septile the 7th (360 / 7 or 51 degrees 26 minutes).   One reason these last two harmonics have remained obscure, is that they're much harder to see, because they aren't an integer number of signs apart like harmonics 1 2 3 4 6.   It's easy to notice 25 Leo to 25 Scorpio, harder to pick out 25:15 Leo to 7:15 Scorpio or 16:41 Libra.

           Since harmonics 1 2 3 4 6 are well known, there is a large body of astrological mythology about them.   Of course, it may not be true or relevant, because the world itself has changed, and because the existing mythology could be valid only when seen through obsolete perspectives.   The old window could be dirty and in need of polishing, or new windows may open which provide a better view.   Just as an example, the old astrological mythology regards the fourth harmonic as "difficult" or "challenging" (which was true from the perspective of cause and effect), while the mythology we use here regards it as exhilarating and enlivening, because it increases the synergy available for creative resonance.

           The word mythology is often used derisively as a synonym for "superstition" - which is simple intellectual snobbery.   Dont fall for that, it's a justification for intolerance, and we got too many of those already.   You want to understand and accept as many mythologies as you possibly can, so you can relate to as many cultures as possible.   That'll be more and more important as we move forward and get introduced to really foreign cultures.   Some well-respected folks even define ascension as the ability to see the world through multiple mythologies at once, Joseph Campbell among them.   Of course it is also necessary to avoid believing any mythologies, holding them all as merely maps of ultimately (and sublimely) unknowable lands.   Dealing with Believers is a recurring nightmare for hupers, intensified when Belief is exploited by Avarice - as it usually is.

           To some extent the new window we use in this letter is a window that opens when you examine the victimhood side of cause and effect.   And to some extent it opens when you look for spirit (synergy) rather than matter.   I know, lotsa folks believe that mastery over matter (opulence) implies mastery over spirit, but that's plain wrong.   I know people who actually believe that yer wealth is a measure of yer spiritual advancement!   Mastery and spirit are oxymorons, you surrender to spirit, you dont master it.   And one of the first things we learn about spirit is that the kind of boundaries which characterize matter, are a lot more ambiguous in the realm of spirit.

           In the realm of mater, my finger ends here and the keyboard starts there.   In the realm of spirit, the boundary between you and I is much less clear.   We can even make a solid case for the utility of the view that there is no such boundary, only the artifice of the ego.   The ego's tremendously useful in the realm of mater, and as long as we're in a bod we need to be mindful of mater, but it's more of a hindrance than a help when we get to the realm of spirit.   From the Uranian view there is individuality in the world of spirit, but it's out there to be intuited, not mastered.

           Once ya get out to the Neptunian perspective, we're clearly All One.   There's a good chance that one of those Centaurs between Uranus and Neptune, maybe Pholus or Nessus or even Asbolus, will turn out to have a window that allows it to symbolize our species identity, sort of a "higher Ceres."   There's "you are what you eat," but other than that there's now a huge gap between WeBeAllOne as applied to other hupers, and WeBeAllOne as applied to other critters - let alone the "inanimate" objects in whom the generally accepted mythology ("science") has yet to learn how to recognize life force, like Rocks and Planets and Machines.

Quintiles and Septiles

           So how do we interpret these "new" harmonics, beginning with the now-important (because of the Uranus-Pluto and Neptune-Pluto cycles) 5th and 7th?   The method I use, is the numerology of the Tarot.   In this mythology, the 5th Harmonic is The Hierophant or the principle of teaching and learning and the 7th is The Chariot or the principle of attention and capacitance, or shamanic power.   These are by no means the only way to interpret harmonics.   For instance, in his insightful book on Sabian Aspect Orbs [2000 - with thanks to Sherri Burch for turning me on to Robert's work], Robert Blaschke interprets harmonics using the Sabian Symbol of their degree.

           So Robert [2000 pp.47-50] associates the 4th harmonic with "a radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolic act: a point of no return" and "the power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership," quoting Rudhyar [1973 p.110 and p.229].   In the Tarot view, 4 is The Emperor, which Angeles Arrien [1987 pp.37-40] associates with "power and leadership" that necessitates "varied forms of perception," "the capacity to let go and move forward," "the courage to risk and try the unfamiliar," and "that you do not abandon yourself and own your own authority."

           For the Hierophant, some of the wisdom Angeles gives us [1987 pp.41-44] includes faith "in trusting our intuition" and "in following our child-like innocence and curiosity" and which "knows how to directly apply the sacred, that is within all of us, into the outer world" - the wisdom of experience in other words.   One of the lessons of the Hierophant is "commitments that are kept and sustained are those where mind, heart, and action are consistently aligned and integrated."

           The Chariot "shows a figure in contemplation of quietude sitting within a chariot readied for activity" who "holds the wheel of fortune in his or her hands reminding us that through choice we have the ability to select fortunate, positive, and abundant changes for ourselves."   "Change is pervasive in that it touches every individual multidimensionally" and "the willingness to dismantle that which is artificial and false-to-fact in order to restore and renovate that which is actual and true within one's nature" [Arrien 1987 pp.51-54].


           Okay, this background brings us to the real meat of this letter, which is the Third Biggest Picture, the Uranus-Neptune cycle.   These two planets, symbolizing respectively the individual soul and the collective soul, conjoined on 2 February 1993, starting a new 172-year cycle, at 20 Capricorn, "a hidden choir is singing during a religious service: the fulfillment of the individual's creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity" [Rudhyar 1973 p.241].   Considering that Uranus-Neptune is about the relationship between the Individual and the Unity, this is an amazing degree.

           What was history about prior to 1993 on this level?   The previous initiation was 22 March 1821 at 3 Capricorn, "a human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment: a powerful yearning for whatever will increase the scope and depth of one's contacts with other living beings" [Rudhyar 1973 p.231].   Remarkable, another degree that echos the theme of the planet pair.   So the last coupla centuries have been Scorpio centuries, the next couple Pisces centuries.

           What comes next?   7 Aquarius on 17 January 2165, "a child is seen being born out of an egg: the emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos" [Rudhyar 1973 p.253].   No piddling around in these degrees!   If Elsie was referring to a human child, then this is good news - the planet remains habitable for another 150 years.   But our focus here is on the current cycle, the execution of individual creativity in the context of transcendent unity.

           In traditional western astrology, the angle between planets is significant only when it's close to one of the Big Five harmonics - 1 2 3 4 6.   We've been adding a few additional harmonics - 5 and 7 here for instance - but really any two planets make some angle with one another all the time.   This angle reflects the progress of the cycle between the synergies represented by the two planets, whether the angle fits a preconceived notion of importance or not.   So we could speak of any angle and it's meaning.

The Root Harmonic

           In the case of Uranus and Neptune, the angle they've been making for most of the last year, turns out to be a very important one, but not in terms of traditional astrology.   The angle is 19 degrees.   19 degrees (18:58 to be exact) is the 19th harmonic, or the square root of 360!   The square root is very significant in mathematics, because it corresponds to the 2nd harmonic, but in an exponential universe, rather than a linear one!   The exponential universe is not unfamiliar to us, it's the first nonlinear universe, a universe you frequent every time you contemplate a ratio or a percentage.

           We can take the name literally - it's a root, a fundamental property.   We'll name the 19th harmonic the rootile - not to be confused with rutile, those lovely gold needles of Titanium Dioxide that often energize Quartz crystals.   Well, some confusion may be relevant.   What's the Tarot say about the 19th Archetype?   We couldn't do better, it's The Sun, "universal principle of teamwork, partnership, and collaboration... the life force and unlimited energy that is within us waiting to be used and expressed... the inner dance of male/female energy... the external expression of the Magician within" [Arrien 1987 pp.92-94].

           What of the 19th Sabian Symbol?   It's "the 'magic carpet' of oriental imagery: the use of creative imagination" on the waxing side and "in the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested: the ever-repeated challenge presented to the individual by the group in which he has claimed acceptance" [Rudhyar 1973 p.64 and p.275] on the waning side.   The waning 19th harmonic is kinda late for an initiation, but we wont worry about that now, since Uranus-Neptune is at the waxing 19th.   It's worth recalling though that the waxing side is generally about individual exploration, and the waning side about group processes.   The deeper you get into the void, the more hupers huddle together against the darkness.

The Uranus-Neptune Rootile

           So we have a 10-year-old two-century cycle that's about unifying the individual with the collective, and the cycle is at a root-level roll-yer-own "magic carpet" stage.   This is the cycle that turns permanent in 2040, by which time labor will be totally obsolete, and the ruse that the difference between the haves and havenots is about work ethic or genetic superiority or "spiritual" progress will be outed very clearly, but far too late, as simple avarice and egotism.

           When viewed from the perspective of the Uranus-Neptune cycle, the current imperialism is about staking an early claim to the machines and arming the moats around them with weapons brutal enough to make havenots believe that starving to death is a better choice than storming the barricades.   With nothing but sand to dip yer spoons into, ya may as well bend em.   Or learn to eat light, and fast.   Well actually, we got 35 years yet to learn to eat light.   But 2012 will change that future for most of us anyway.

           The waxing Uranus-Neptune rootile first came within one degree orb on 12 Mar 2003, while Uranus was quintile Pluto.   It was exact on 23 April 2003 at 3 Pisces and 30 September 2003 at 30 Aquarius (again when Uranus quintiled Pluto) and will be again for a final time on 11 February 2004, again at 3 Pisces.   It will leave one degree orb on 26 March 2004, with - guess what - Uranus again quintile Pluto.

           As a general "rule" in astrology, when an event repeats three times like this rootile does, the first event intoduces a hassle - in this case among other things the military occupation of Iraq.   As the second event unfolds, the process repeats in slow motion, allowing us to get a handle on the hassle.   The second Uranus-Neptune rootile included among other things the US Congress agreeing to pay $87 billion to occupy Iraq for a little while.   And by the third occurrence, we've seen this riddle before, we know what we're doing, and we solve it with aplomb.

           That's if we're conscious that the first event was a teacher rather than a perpetrator.   If we respond to the first event as victim, the hassle gets worse at the second event.   If we still respond as victim to the second event, then we don't even wanna be around for the third.   Unless we start to wake up and notice what's going on.   Our response to any event in the cycle colors the remainder of the cycle, not just for us, but for the planet, since a portion of the experience of the planet is the collective experience of its denizens.

           Let's say we wake up at the rootile and start getting conscious of the nature of the cycle.   Then at the 18th 17th 16th ... harmonics, clear down to harmonics 4 and 3, we're cooperating in building the new cycle rather than working against it.   My high school physics teacher used to claim that you could bring down the bridge over the Columbia River with a small hammer.   He wasn't a terrorist, he was just talking about physics, that was his job - it was my civics teacher that had the almanac.

           But his point was that you could sit in the middle of the bridge and ping it with yer silver hammer, then wait while the ping-wave travelled to each end of the bridge and bounced back to you.   If you pinged again at the precise moment when your earlier ping-wave reached the exact middle of the bridge, you reinforced the wave, making it larger.   But if you repinged at the wrong instant, or weren't in the exact middle of the bridge, then yer second ping interfered with the first ping, and damped it.   You've heard the same principle at work with a singing bowl, the way you can reinforce or maim a tone with your timing of the second stroke.

Belief is Karma

           So it is with our responses to the harmonics of a cycle.   The harmonics are the power points, the places where the synergy is amplified or damped.   Now we come to one of our most fundamental beliefs - is life the universe and everything fundamentally good, or fundamentally ill?   Would you like Original Sin or Original Blessing with your Happy Meal?   If it's a fundamentally positive or syntropic consciousness at work in the universe, then we gain by reinforcing the cycles.   If the natural course of the universe is fundamentally negative or entropic, then we want to damp the cycles.   Of course, if the natural course of the universe is random, then it dont matter, do it.   Or does it.

           Belief is not always conscious.   Chances are, if we hafta say we believe something, we're trying to talk ourselves into it, and we haven't succeeded yet.   If we actually believe it, it's too deep for the mind to even grasp that there's an alternative.   It's good to talk ourselves into syntropic directions, but even better to recognize when we aren't there yet.   As Seth recommends, we measure our actual beliefs by looking at our personal history.   Has the universe consistently rewarded us with blessings?   Or pounded us with hassles?   You're right, it depends on yer mood when yer asking the question!

           But take a particular issue, like relationship or money or beauty or respect.   Most of the time, have you manifested what you want?   Or most of the time has the universe passed you by and selected someone else for glory?   Or do you just struggle to survive against the onslaught of random events, good and ill?   Aint nobody giving grades or making judgements, this is just between you and you, so be clear and honest.   The next question is, do you like what you've seen?   If not, the first necessary step toward changing anything, is to be loving with it exactly as it is now.   And of course you gotta be clear enough to see it exactly as it is now, and that'll be a lot easier if yer loving and gentle with it too.   This is what they really mean when they say "only love is real."

           No need to take all cases, let's choose just one.   Let's say that you want to believe that the universe is fundamentally syntropic, but you aren't quite there yet.   Frank Zappa says, "In a struggle between you and the World, back the World."   Notice how them Original Sin folks and Entropy folks keep manifesting evil - they're "backing the World," or rather, reinforcing their beliefs about it, pinging their silver hammers every time evil echos back to them.   They think they're fighting evil, but in fact what they're doing is fighting.   If the media didnt cross yer mind when we was talking about pinging to reinforce evil, it shoulda.   Most of the media probably thinks the world is random, but acts out the belief that the world is difficult.

           So now you know why we write these newsletters - to help us all get conscious about the synergy that's pinging around, so we can reping at the right times.   So we can make conscious choices to reinforce the syntropic side of each trend, and as we do make our own lives and the future of the planet more syntropic.   Conscious choice isnt enough by itself, because conscious implies to some degree thinking, and what we think is more often a defense against the World, than its reflection.   We need also to be loving with all three choices (victim, perp, witness), visualize what we want, and trust our intuition to tell us when and how to act according to our cause-and-effect planning, and when/how to act to take advantage of unplanned Grace - which can be very serendipitous (thus giving Uranus its reputation as "wild").   Nobody said consciousness was easy, it's just easier in the long run than the alternatives.

Ascending the Planet

           So what kinda pinging are we talking about here?   We have a cycle initiated in what Rudhyar calls "the fulfillment of the individual's creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity," aimed at integrating individual integrity (Uranus) with all things larger than the individual (Neptune).   Well, maybe bending spoons in unison aint such a bad idea, eh?   Not sure it would solve most folks's need to be creative, but it moves toward the other aims. Chomsky [2002] defines anarchy as the situation where each person is making their own choices, unfettered by other people's control trips.   He believes the universe is syntropic, so that without the fetters, people would naturally help one another meet their needs, because in a syntropic universe win-win is the natural course of events.   Sounds a lot like Adam Smith, actually.

           The root harmonic is powerful because the further along we get in the cycle, the more inertia we've built, either toward syntropy, entropy, or random noise.   At the first harmonic, potential is unlimited.   (The first harmonic - conjunction - is itself, unity, synergy yet unmanifest.)   The first harmonic is actually infinity as well as zero (it's a circle not a line), so as the cycle proceeds we move down the harmonics.   1 degree is the 360th harmonic, 2 degrees the 180th harmonic, 3 degrees the 120th harmonic, and so on.   By the time we get down to the 2nd harmonic (or at least, by the time we get to phi, 222.5 degrees), there's no potential left, all is manifest, the die is cast.

           So pings earlier in the cycle have more leverage than pings later on.   On the other hand, as the cycle waxes, understanding of its nature increases, so the conscious application of earlier pings may have unintended consequences.   The 19th or root harmonic is a strong focal point because of its nonlinearity.   The 19th harmonic is the exponential equivalent of the linear 2nd - so after this harmonic the power to shift the direction of the cycle exponentially is diminished.   Not completely - 22 degrees and the 16th harmonic also have a strong mystical component, as the "phi-th" root of 360.   In an exponential shift, one pound of effort makes ten pounds of result - in a linear shift, one pound of effort produces only one pound of result.

           Traditional astrology has focused on the 4th harmonic because it's the first easily detectable multiple of the 16th.   We've met Rudhyar's challenge that the square was in his time the evolutionary edge for humanity, and now we can move on.   Time is collapsing, so we are bringing not only the 5th and 7th (and 8th and 9th and 10th) harmonics up into our conscious awareness, but also beginning to explore the nonlinear, and opening up to the root harmonic.

           At the root harmonic we know what the cycle is about, all we have to do is admit it to ourself and intend it to the level of belief.   The voices have been very clear - we are manifesting a world where peace prevails and exploitation does not (the "transcendent realization of unity"), and we are building it one person at a time (the "individual's creative function").   And at the root harmonic we still have left a shred of power to boost the cycle exponentially, before we have to settle for the hard one-brick-at-a-time linear work.

Azurite and Manganocalcite

           Few qualities are more important early in any cycle, than intuition.   Intuition is centered in the "third eye," symbolized by dark blue or indigo.   Not "windigo," that's something else.   The stone most commonly used for opening the third eyebone is Azurite.   Azurite is a Copper Carbonate, so it also brings the healing qualities of Copper, which catalyzes the rebuilding of cells, "encourages... the development of a spiritual culture... and promotes friendship and love toward all beings" [Gienger 1998 pp.114-15].   Azurite itself promotes ascension and independent perspectives.


           Unity is symbolized among the Rock People by Manganocalcite, a Manganese Calcium Carbonate.   Manganese provides clarity, sensitivity, immunity, and detoxification.   Calcium regulates nerves, cell metabolism, DNA formation, alkalinity, and provides the framework for bones, teeth, and tissue.   Calcium is so important to the body, that when yer diet doesnt contain enough usable Calcium, yer body leaches if from yer bones.   To be usable, Calcium must have Vitamin D handy, and Vitamin D is scarce in the high latitudes in the Winter, because the skin usually produces it from sunshine.   No one except the Dairy Council recommends milk - if you dont do milk in the Winter, find an alternate source of Vitamin D.