30 January 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Anybody who aint read Richard Brautigan's In Watermelon Sugar, oughta.   Or, as Arthur Lee puts it, "I'd like to understand today then maybe I would know who I was when it was yesterday."   Or David Crosby, "I feel like I been here before!"   Not to mention Yogi Berra.   Write more about the Veil, folks say.   This morning I had a perfectly vivid dream of a Puffin landing on my windowsill and stepping onto my hand with his ungraceful sabot-feet so I could pet his back like he was a cat.   Asbolus visiting again, facilitated by Proustite and Kunzite.   That's one place where the Veil routinely thins, dreams.   The First Peoples of Oz believe their dreams are absolutely literal, that the dreamer is just visiting a different place.   A parallel life, plain and simple, with the Veil removed.

           Any catalog of psychological maladies is a catalog of tears and thinnings and droppings of the Veil.   Multiples?   No Veil between selected parallels.   Schizophrenia?   Irregularities in the Veil.   Bipolar?   The Veil shifting position.   Regression?   Just a hole in the Veil.   You could probably even correlate holes and malformities in the Aura with supernormalities in the Veil.   Supernormalities.   Your culture wants you to think that being far from average is weird rather than unique.   From the material perspective, yer sposta keep yer Veil tight and strong, so you can focus on one ego-role - mom or breadwinner or weapons engineer or marketing whiz or Head Lizard.   So any irregularity in the Veil is a weakness, a failure, even a disease.   Get the Bodysnatcher drugs out quick before it spreads and somebody finds out!

           As we ascend we move out of our one-lifetime ego-body and begin to identify with "higher" parts of ourselves which have many manifestations into form, and into different kinds of forms.   We see these soulmates through a glass darkly - our programmed expectations so control our perceptions that we can see only the dimmest reflection of them, only the parts which have some similarity to the form that our one-lifetime ego-body inhabits while performing in materiality.   How would we even know one?   That's easy.   Our materialism programming is so strong, that any aberation to that programming is a window through the Veil!   That's the spiritual function of materialism, to so very clearly identify the Veil.

           Got any obsessions?   Bad habits?   Does one of you smoke, while their time-share in-body soulmate knows it doesnt serve yer goals?   You go back and forth between being totally comfortable in each of those two roles, smoker and moralist?   So totally comfortable that in rare moments when you notice the split you're amazed at how self-contained each role is?   You got only good habits?   Then you must be in touch with yer shadow, right?   You know yer shadow because you see it reflected in everything you judge.   How bout yer romantic and erotic fantasies.   Do you talk about them openly the way you talk about the weather?   Or doya keep them to yerself?   Talk about them with only very carefully selected people?

           There are an infinite number of parallel realities, so you can choose any combination of features you want, and go hang out there.   Wanna go where smoking gives you the same niccobuzz but promotes health?   Wanna go where yer shadow reads yer mind and thinks it's a great joke, so everytime you judge something it laughs and hugs you?   Wanna go where yer erotic and romantic thoughts manifest instantly?   Where yer Abundance goals runneth over?   Where yer kids are all above average?   Where you have perfect community?   Where folks respect their Planet?   Where there's Peace?   Where traffic is always effortless?   Where yer boss and coworkers are sweet as pie?   Where there are no bosses?

           Every thought you have about how you'd like things to be, is a journey through the Veil.   Every desire and goal you have is a tunnel to a parallel where you already have exactly that.   Every non-present-moment experience is a junket beyond the Veil.   When you replace bitterness about not having yer desires fulfilled, with gratitude that you have desires, then you no longer have a split about being fulfilled or not (which of course in itself is a shifting Veil), and you travel those tunnels more and more gracefully, till you bring the quality you desire more and more into yer "current" lifetime.   Of course all lifetimes are current, but depending on how effectively you were programmed, you have a couple that yer more conscious of more of the time.

           Every fear you have about how things might get worse, is a journey through the Veil to parallels where you're choosing to experience things which you judge in yer "current lifetime."   You hang out with people who are programmed to help you stay programmed, and you return the favor.   Ask yer most frequent companion to tap you on the shoulder every time you say "I am ..." and remind you that you're reinforcing your own programming.   We could say that our programming ("a good person is this, does that; a bad person is that, does this") strengthens the Veil, but in fact our programming is the Veil.

           Next time yer around a newborn, look at how they gaze at it all with absolute wonder and awe.   They have little or no differentiation, they aren't programmed yet - unless they brought it in with them, which aint that rare.   And of course they've already been programmed by their mother's emotions and thoughts in the womb ("I hope she wont bite my tit"; "Oh man, this pregnancy shit is fabulous! - the hormone high is bettern dope and everybody thinks I'm the Cat's meow!"; "She wont have to endure what I had to"; "This kid makes me sick every morning"; "he'll get rich and take care of me when I get old"; "I better teach him not to do that!" "If only that jerk had pulled it out like he promised he would!"), but that's only a preview compared to what they're about to get.

           The Veil isnt even there, you're just trained to think it is, lest you be crazy or fail or fuck up, and disappoint Mom again.   We cross the Veil thousands of times a day.   But mostly we dont have permission from our culture to do that without self-reproach or self-hiding or self-editing or spacing out.   The Veil thins at the Moon's Nodes.   If you have natal planets on or at significant harmonics to yer natal Nodes, you know those tunnels through the veil so very well.   At the Vertex the Veil is absent.   Your relationships with folks who have planets on yer Vertex feel "fated"?   Hardly.   Yer just married to them in a parallel, no wonder it feels cozy.   It's not that you "feel like I been here before," it's that you are here now!

           In her mindblowing novel Ardath, Marie Corelli has some great speeches given by archeypal parallels...

"A Love-song!   In those caressing vowel-sounds which composed the language of Al-Kyris, ... a love-song, burning as strong wine, tender as the murmur of the sea on mellow, moon-entranced evenings, an arrowy shaft of rhyme tipped with fire and meant to strike home to the core of feelings and there inflict delicious wounds!" [p.151]

"A pang bitter as death shot through Theos's heart, .. had the monarch suddenly pierced him with his great sword he could scarcely have endured more anguish!   For the knowledge rushed upon him that he had indeed lost a love so faithful, so unfathomable, so pure and perfect, that all the world weighed in the balance against it would have seemed but a grain of dust compared to its inestimable value! ... but what that love was, and from whom it emanated, he could no more tell than the tide can tell in syllabled language the secret of its attraction to the moon." [p.153]

"He was possessed by a strange, inward dread - the dread of altogether losing the consciousness of his own identity, and while he strove to keep a firm grasp on his mental faculties he at the same time abandoned all hope of ever extricating himself from the perplexing enigma in which he was so darkly involved.   Forcing himself by degrees into comparative calmness, he determined to resign himself to his fate..." [p.154]

"It was a story of the gods before the world was made, of love deep buried in the far eternities of light, .. of vast celestial shapes whose wanderings through the blue deep of space were tracked by the birth of stars and suns and wonder-spheres of beauty, ... a fanciful legend of transcendent heavenly passion, telling how all created worlds throbbed amorously in the purple seas of pure ether, and how Love and Love alone was the dominant cloud of the triumphal march of the Universe..." [p.155]

"'Laugh - laugh!' said Zabastes, recovering himself and eying the throng with a derisive smile - 'Laugh, ye witless bantlings born of folly! - and cling as you will to the unsubstantiated dreams your Laureate blows for you in the air like a child playing with soap-bubbles!   Empty and perishable are they all - they shine for a moment, then break and vanish - and the colors wherewith they sparkled, colors deemed immortal in their beauty, shall pass away like a breath and be renewed no more!'" [p.159]

Ascension - enlightenment - means we move back and forth through the Veil effortlessly, adopting our identity of the moment from whatever parallel gives us satisfaction in that moment, like Joe Campbell told us to (Masks of God: Personal Mythology).   It's not enough to be crazy, we have to be crazy and sane at the same time.   Don't get sane confused with yer judgments.   Sane dont mean you meet anybody's criteria for anything, it just means yer comfortable with rapid and complex shifts in yer identity.   Some folks brought that comfort in with them.   Most of us are learning it as we go.   Libra and Pisces and Scorpio and Gemini probably do this as naturally as anybody, Libra because they aren't invested in identity, Scorpio because they dont mind running different personalities for different occasions, Pisces because they've just had to get used to veillessness like it or not, and Gemini for all three reasons at once.   Virgo's the pro at this, that's its job description, but precisely because of that the culture has burdened Virgo with so much rejection that recovery of self-love is a big job.

           Most of us have planets or lights or 'roids in those signs.   Most of us that don't, have house cusps or even angles.   And those of us who have neither of the above, have vacancies there which are all the stronger!   So none of us can say we aren't ready for ascension, we all use the skills many times every day.   We need to start congratulating ourselves for tunneling instead of beating ourselves up for it.   We need to start rejecting the culture's notion of success and suck up to failure as exactly where we wanna be.   Twould be good to start laughing with our shadow instead of shaming it.   We need to transfer our sense of security from our identity to our God/dess-connection.   We need to be forgiving with ourselves as we mush our way through the transitions.

           But the truth is you are ascended already, you just dont usually think of it that way.   A text on the Veil is Elia Wise's Letter to Earth - here's a sample [pp.7-8]...

"While all frequencies and values are embodied in each of us, we each have a different frequency/value that is central to our Being... No other Soul in the Universe has the same frequency in the central governing position.   Your frequency/value operates as the axis around which all other frequencies and values constellate in creation of your identity, your experience and your stream of consciousness.

"Empowered by your Soul's integrity with All That Is, your frequency/value is the facilitator of your multidimensional coherence.   It is this axial value that inspires your creation of stimuli and responses and the synchronicities that result from them...

"Since no two Beings have the same frequency/value as their axis, no two Beings configure the Universe the same way.   The axial value of each Being organizes all other frequencies relative to itself.   As a result, each one of us is the Universe, constellated in a unique way.

"Each Being's axial value lives as a supporting value within all other Beings.   This means my integrity and self-realization intrinsically informs and supports yours, and [vice versa].   This is the relationship of each of us to all others, regardless of our state of being or location in the Universe.   The Trees, the Stars, the Mineral Kingdom and nonlocal Beings can communicate with you because they are already within you as an integral part of your Being.   All of us are empowered in this way."

           Dont confuse "Souls" with "People" - they do not have a one-to-one correspondence.   Most of the "People" here are multiples of someone else, as are many of the other Critters and Plants and Rocks and Rivers.   When you find a rock with small triangular depressions in it, you've found a "recordkeeper."   The dents carry information, which you can retrieve through your hand or other communication process.   This Kunzite crystal is covered with them, and it's the source of the information in this jbull.   Kunzite is a jeweler's term for what a geologist would call pink Spodumene.   Spodumene comes in several other colors too.   It's a Lithium Silicate that arranges its Silicate ions into chains.   As you might suspect, Lithium quiets the nerves.


           The intuitive inspiration comes from these Proustite crystals.   Be careful working with Proustite, as it contains Arsenic - these dark red crystals are Silver Arsenic Sulfide.   Yer safer working with the picture, which embodies Proustite's frequency.   Proustite "represents the union of Fire and Serpent energies brought together in the light of the Moon and the cleansing safety of Silver.   It is the feminine embodiment of the Serpent Fire," says Collen Marquist's and Jack Frasl's Crystalline Communion 2000 [p.116].   This is an amazing book, but the only copy on Amazon is a "very good nice copy!!!" for about ten times the price of a new one.   Its published locally, so if you cant find it where you are lemme know and I'll help you get hold of a copy.