For every droppa rain that falls

7 January 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           We haven't for many years been in the habit of interpreting Moons, but this Full Moon asks to be recognized, by virture of making a mystic rectangle with the Moon's Nodes, and tsquaring a Mars-Pallas initiation.   The power points are 15 Libra and 21 Leo.   The mystic rectangle makes the next two weeks more important than usual to our ascension, since, in the post-karma world, the Nodes are about getting in touch with our multidimensionality and pulling in skillsets from other lifetimes.

           But lets go back and look at Tuesday's Vesta-Saturn opposition, occuring as it did a few hours after the Mercury station on Epiphany at the Galactic Center.   I mean, how much more portentious can ya get!   The Mercury station, by the way, near-missed Juno - they're less than two degrees apart, but they do not conjoin, since Juno is behind and Mercury starting to speed away.   Their actual conjunction was on 16 November at 7 Sadge, back before the Christmas Juno-Pluto initiation (see {jbull} Imagine there's no heaven).


           The Mercury-Juno cycle is about the ideations which we hold as foundational.   The cycle usually lasts a little over a year.   I dont know whether you've noticed that the World is as ineffable as the Mindbone is tenacious.   Well, a little more so actually.   Its like the World is a perpetual tease, always stepping just outa reach whenever the Mind makes a grab for her.   The more popular notion is that Mind is thoroughly in charge, with World chained in the basement where Mind can have his way with her whenever and however be chooses to take his pleasure.

           But that's fantasy, mere wishful thinking on Mind's part.   World has in fact left an inflatable likeness of herself there in the dungeon, while as is her wont she continues to frolic in the bright Sunshine with Pan in the meadow.   Every year or so Mind discovers the ruse and angrily rushes out to recapture World, and patiently she issues another inflatable for Mind's fancy.   Mind is so self-focused he doesn't notice the deception.   The ideas which Mind is likely to grasp as real this year, are those 7-Sadge ideas - "Cupid Knocks at the Door of a Human Heart" [Rudhyar 1973 p.213].

           Oh dear, just in the very year when Venus and Mars turn balsamic, releasing one another from all prior arrangements and understandings so they can start over without prejudice in 2005.   Not only that, but this Venus-Mars release is not just the normal two-year reworking of vows, but the bridge between their larger 35-year cycles (see {jbull} Perfect Pictures).   Ah yes, World as comedian.   It turns out we get to release a lot more - and thus start a lot fresher - if we experience the waning rather than just thinking it.   So of course she'd be sending Cupid this year!

           Let's get some perspective.   What was last year about?   The prior Mercury-Juno initiation was 24-25 October 2002 at 19 Libra, "A gang of robbers in hiding" [Rudhyar 1973 p.184].   Well, actually, they didnt hide so well, but I guess many folks didnt notice them lurking behind their favorite news anchor.   That's finished, but I'm not sure whether that means they'll come out of hiding this year, or seek gainful employment.   We should oughta own it, though, and look for the ways in which we thought we needed to steal during 2003, the places where we werent worthy enough to receive.

           The previous cycle spanned the fall of The Tower, beginning 24-25 April 2001 at 7 Taurus, the symbol about the Samarian woman at the well which Rudhyar interprets [1973 p.74-5] as the unlikelihood of converting those who are deeply invested in their graft, and therefore the necessity of finding neophytes to proselytize.   Makes ya wonder, though, if there was a connection between Samaria and Sumeria.   Would add quite a twist to Rudhyar's interpretation if there was.   Again, if we own it, though, it seems more about looking past our insecurity to discover our innocence.

           What's coming up?   The 18 February 2005 Mercury-Juno initiation is at 4 Pisces, "heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus" [Jones 1953 p.303], not far in time or longitude from the Juno-Uranus initiation at 7 Pisces (see {jbull} Perfect Pictures).   2005 is about beginning our new relationship adventures, after our heavy clearing of 2004.   In that context the image is almost funny, picturing us running back and forth between our new relationship models and our yin integrity, as we seek new ways to balance new perspectives.


           Well, that took longer than I intended.   The Mars-Pallas initiation is at 14 Aries, "a serpent coiling near a man and a woman" [Rudhyar 1973 p.59].   Oh my.   As if Cupid weren't bad enough, now we got the kundalizard too.   Here I am trying to make these newsetters less convoluted, and does World cooperate?   No, she's out playing in the garden, picking Apples to make sauce.   Or hard cider - wherever Pan is, Dionysius aint far away.   And we was trying to get to Vesta-Saturn.

           Okay, so what's Mars-Pallas about?   We talked about Pallas-Saturn as defense ({jbull} Defense), since Saturn as ego-identity always has something to defend, and Pallas is the Warrior Goddess.   Mars is just plain warrior in most of the stories.   The difference between Pallas and Mars, is that Pallas asks questions first.   She's a subplot of Venus and thus concerned with meaning and value, so she dont waste her energy defending what aint worth it.   So this is actually a good combination, as her wisdom tempers Mars's reactivity.   She might even tell kneejerk Mars not to kill the dang snake.

           It is possible that not everyone has their integrity contaminated by their genderality.   Ya cant really say "sexuality" because many folks prefer the romantic to the sensual.   That grail stuff, those persistent rumors that there's something larger hiding behind those stiffenings and moistenings in the underwhere, and Mom's best efforts to convince us that the grail was about avoiding all that messy nekkid stuff.   If you aint confused about these things, yer probably deluded.   But the overriding message is that we aint gonna get where we need to be by the end of 2004, by continuing to be merged with the gender roles we been using since adolescence, even if they've worked so far.   But hey, change is good, right?

           The Mars-Pallas cycle lasts about four years.   The last initiation was 15 Sadge in mid-March 2001.   "The Groundhog looking for its shadow" [Rudhyar 1973 p.218].   Lordy, we're just running into all kindsa lumpy metaphors today aren't we.   We certainly been looking for our shadow since 2001, and having no trouble finding it!   Recognizing it's another matter, of course.   The ironic thing about this symbol, is that it's not about the Groundhog or the shadow, it's about how bright the light is.

           The next cycle begins at 6 Pisces in April 2007, "a parade of army officers in full dress" [Rudhyar 1973 p.272].   We could be discouraged to find the army still prominent in 2007-11, but I think not surprised.   On the other hand, they're in dress uniform and parading, instead of out playing shoot-em-up.   Look closely at the image to see if they're marching with stiff knees and wearing jackboots.


           Okay, finally we get to Vesta-Saturn.   It'll be kindofa letdown after all that Cupid and Snake stuff, but here goes.   The Vesta-Saturn cycle runs about four years, and this one initiated at 10 Gemini on 19 March 2002.   Vesta's that 'roid about service to the sacred, confused by many with obedience to the propaganda machines.   In the best case Saturn would focus our attentions in this regard, though it can also keep us stuck at the level of ritual.   10 Gemini is "an airplane performing a nose dive" - an apt description for the course of Amerikan culture and government over the last two years.

           Rudhyar has an Atlantean view of this nosedive, assuming it's aerobatics rather than loss of control.   "Superior ability to challenge nature and play with danger" and preparation "to pierce beyond the physical and to reach higher realms of existence.   We may lose the stuggle, but that prospect makes the effort more exciting.   We might gain 'immortality'" [1973 pp.95-6].   Sounds more like Mars than Saturn, more like the Age of Aries than the Age of Aqua.   But how have we applied this nosedive to focusing our own seva over the last two years?

           The prior Vesta-Saturn was 26 June 1997 at 20 Aries, "a young girl feeding birds in winter... an image of care, innocence, nurturing and benevolence" [Hill 1995 p.20].   Sounds like a nice combo; does it fit your seva between 1997 and 2002?   With Saturn involved, there would almost invariably be at least a hint of ego involved, an expectation of reward, so in some ways Vesta-Saturn would be more about our motivation to seva than to our seva itself.   Still, these sound like great motivations.

           Before that, on 12 May 1993, the initiation was at 30 Aquarius, a degree which everyone phrases differently.   To Jones [1953 p.299] it's "the field of Ardath in bloom," to Rudhyar [1973 p.267] "deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to one who has emerged successful from his metamorphosis; the ability for the person with an open mind and a deep feeling for self-transcendence to come in contact with higher forms of existence" and to Hill [1995 p.330] "Moonlit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white."

           Shades of the Lizard King!   This was Bill Clinton's first term; David Icke says Clinton is beneath Poppy in the Masonic heirarchy.   But then, when I dig a bit further I find Marie Corelli's wonderful early-20th-century novel Ardath, the full text of which is at http://www.arthursclassicnovels.com/arthurs/corelli/ardath10.html.   Here's a sample - "He had seen many such men.   Men in their prime who had begun life full of high faith, hope, and lofty aspiration, yet whose fair ideals once bruised in the mortar of modern atheistical opinion had perished forever, while they themselves, like golden eagles suddenly and cruelly shot while flying in mid-air, had fallen helplessly, broken-winged among the dust-heaps of the world, never to rise and soar sunwards again."   The degree is about profound transformation, befitting the Uranus-Neptune initiation of the same year.

           The next two Vesta-Saturn initiations are on 17 June 2006 at 9 Leo, and 14 August 2010 at 3 Libra, which are lovely symbols.   Leo nine is "glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing; the need to involve one's most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms" [Rudhyar 1973 p.137], and Libra three is "the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed; the ever-present possibility of beginning again on a new foundation of values" [1973 p.173].

Maggie and Amelia

           A powerful and easily obtainable stone for connecting us to spirit and focusing our seva is purple Quartz or Amethyst, Greek for "not drunk."   It "encourages constant spiritual wakefulness," says Gienger [1998 p.214].   It also transmutes "negative" synergies.   Quartz turns purple when manganese or iron ions within its matrix have been naturally or purposely irradiated.   Maggie the "Cactus Quartz" crystal is from South Africa, and Amelia the geode or druze from Brazil.   Amelia is interspersed with brown Cacoxenite, an Iron Aluminum Phosphate.   Cacoxenite is a "stone of ascension" according to Melody, that can "awaken memories of the nature of ones prior existences" [1995 p.177].   Cacoxenite and Amethyst amplify one another.

Cactus Amethyst photo:J.Buss            Cacoxenated Amethyst photo:J.Buss