Just More Castles Burning

25 January 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Okay, time to simplify - if anybody's still reading these.   The other main event this week is a Vesta-Chiron initiation on Wednesday at 22 Capricorn, Honolulu 8am, Seattle 10am, New York 1pm, London 6pm, Jerusalem 8pm, Melbourne 5am Thursday.   The Vesta-Chiron cycle would be about healing institutions and transforming our sacred service.   Many of us have a tendency to seek power outside the ego only when the ego fails us.   That is, we pray more when we have an emergency than we do the rest of the time.   Others of us use discipline, meditating at a fixed time every day, or showing up for church every Sunday.   There's a coupla paths in between, and if yer not God/dess-intoxicated, then it's mostly about intuition.   Both panic and discipline can limit intuition.

           But basically, there's a healing going on around how we serve spirit.   Capricorn 22 is "by accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character: the realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success" [Rudhyar 1973 p.242].   Since at least Roman times politicians have manipulated the people to confuse serving spirit with serving the state, and Vesta has been dragged deep into this manipulation.   Maybe we can get some of that healed here.   Keep in mind that on the time dimension this Vesta-Chiron initiation is nestled into the armpit of the Asbolus-Uranus conjunction, so there will be cross-contamination.   Asbolus-up-Uranus is about 300 times bigger than Vesta-Chiron, so we can only assume that the Vesta-Chiron will be implementing Asbolus-Uranus, whatever that means.

           The whole business with defeat and failure implies judgement and competition, third-chakra stuff.   I'm seeing a lot of first and second chakra involvement too, survival fear for instance.   Just raising that stuff to the level of the fourth chakra would be a huge boon.   My boring old trick of "locating it in yer body and loving it there" is one way to do that.   Just moving the synergy up with yer hands or imagination, is another.   A simple mental way to deal with defeat/failure, is just to ask, "What are we releasing?"   Presumedly, in most cases that would be something like our belief that whatever we failed at, wasn't possible.   The Juno-Chiron cycle also initiates in this degree come November, so it's a process that somebody wants us to learn well (see The Big Picture #1: Relationship 2002-2005).

           Basically, we can start from the assumption that anything is possible, we just may have to move to a new universe to manifest it.   So there may be some grief involved, as we lose or give up limitations that have kept us feeling safe.   Whenever we try to manifest something new, we early on run into our yesbuts.   If our cage had only one bar it wouldnt be much of a cage, would it.   It'd neither protect nor support us.   So we weave many bars into a grid, maybe even weld them together, to make ourselves a strong cage.   Most of the bars in our cage were made by our ancestors, so we don't even have the plans anymore.   Many of the bars have been painted with murals, so we can pretend they're vistas instead of limits.   Dubya and the media are doing that today, trying to paint pictures of "safety" on bars made out of paranoia and greed, just to demonstrate the process for us.

           Hopefully, we can get some of this healed over the four years of this Vesta-Chiron cycle, maybe chainsaw some old murals and open space for a picture window, or even a window that we can open on sunny afternoons.   Double-paned of course, and strong, to keep out cold and storms and various monsters that live out there beyond our cage.   It's a big unknown out there, lotsa demons we haven't even thought of yet.   Hmmmmm, we gotta rethink that somehow, dont we, since cold is fear and storms are rages.   We need a safe place for those things inside our cage, or we haven't changed anything, have we.   Maybe we better go back to the Heart, or even the Crown, and give them the architect's job.   Maybe wings would work better than bars and windows.   Hard to get outa that old us-against-the- elements program, aint it, that one goes back a ways, at least to the early days of TV.   Brought to you as a public service by Mutual of Omaha.   But that's our work here.

           If we give Asbolus the benefit of the doubt and assume that something is coming into consciousness around his meeting with Uranus, presumedly some opening to intuitions that serve yin integrity or the "inner realization of organic wholeness" (see {jbull} Watch the Birdie), then Vesta-Chiron will be a "local" (in time) messenger of the millennium-long Asbolus-Uranus cycle.   We probably also want to consider the current Asbolus-Uranus conjunction's "squirrel hiding from hunters" image, and factor that into our eagerness to tear down our old cages.   Not as an excuse not to tear down the old cage, but as a reminder that we need freedom and security, not just freedom.   Security in some new form, not homeland security, unless we consider the Planet to be our homeland, or better yet our God/dess-connection.   And security based on peace, not violence.

           What can we learn from the Vesta-Chiron cycle that we're just finishing?   It was 15 January 2000 at 14 Sadge, "the great pyramid and the sphinx: the enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, 'Seed-people' of a previous cycle of existence" [Rudhyar 1973 p.218].   It followed by only two weeks and two degrees the New-Century Chiron-Pluto initiation ({jbull} The Water Bearer), so we have to view the Vesta-Chiron cycle that's ending as a messenger for the Chiron-Pluto cycle, as we did with the last Vesta-Pluto cycle (see {jbull} More Feet to Wash).

           So basically, we've finished ground-breaking for the 70-year mandatory healing Chiron-Pluto cycle, which is keynoted by "the spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations" [Rudhyar 1973 p.216].   Now we're bringing in the heavy machinery and scraping out the space for the foundations.   The Chiron-Pluto rootile was February 2002 from 7 Cap, "a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god" [Rudhyar 1973 p.233], a degree we'll revisit in 2011, two Vesta-Pluto cycles hence.   So we're dealing with some pretty big issues here.   Best to move whatever sufferings we're seeing to the ICU, where we can bring both compassion and detachment to releasing them, and trust that these are the very healings that will make room for ascension.

           The next Vesta-Chiron cycle is initiated on 2 January 2008 at 15 Aqua, "Two lovebirds sitting on a fence and singing happily" [Rudhyar 1973 p.258], the degree of the January 2005 Juno-Neptune initiation (see {jbull} Perfect Pictures).   We talk repeatedly about how 2004 is the year when we release our pictures of what we thought relationship was sposta look like, so we have room for the new pictures that arrive at the end of the year, which new pictures govern our relationships for a quarter of a century.   But the manifestation side of the Venus-Mars equation is far more important.   The relationship side is just more visible, because it's more in our consciousness.

           We manifest by balancing our attention to our desires, with our doing.   Too much action in the world does not create what we desire, because action removes us from the heart.   Too much wishing won't manifest our desires either, because it focuses us on the picture of what we want rather than what we actually want.   We dont recognize what we want when it arrives, because we're too busy scrutinizing the frame on the picture of it.   The old saw about the map and the territory, as Ralph Metzner used to describe it.   That's a very superficial description of a profound psychospiritual process that's as fundamental as breathing - but it's the breath between the third and fourth chakras.   We can get out of breath by inhaling too much, as fast as we can by exhaling too much.   We project our inner marriage by trying to delegate to relationship the power that belongs in our third (get) or fourth (want) chakra, and it doesn't work.   This year we "grow more through failure with relationship, than through success."

           In the patriarchal age of Cause and Effect, we manifested by doing.   Nothing happened without some cause creating it, and we had to take responsibility for our causes.   But this is a new age, an age where Resonance becomes the primary vehicle of creation, where being is at least as important as doing.   Like Sai Baba says, all ya gots to do, to manifest whatever ya want, is Love God.   Consider our karma, for instance.   If we release the suffering which we see around us today, we change our karmic pattern, and in so doing change our future.   That's the Cause-and-Effect, linear-time view of it.   But to be complete, we must also change the pattern in our past. Otherwise, the pattern remains in our field.

           In Resonance, we don't work on the cause of the pattern, we work on the vibration of the pattern.   When we shift the vibration of the pattern, it's shifted for all time.   If you want you can see this as time running backward, though that's only a slight variation on the old Cause-and-Effect view.   "All there is, is now" works well, if we can accept it as a premise, as sages have been urging us to do "for a long time."   We can see our emotional state as a reflection of the vibration, so there's a grain of truth in the metaphors about "good vibes" and "raising your vibration."   But vibrations are neither one-dimensional nor linear, so it's best to recall that those are only sayings, not truths.   Resonance is not about "go to your room and dont come out till you can come out with a smile on" or "dont worry be happy" - thats Denial, not Resonance.

           So the real question becomes, not "can I make it?" but "can I make it through the year?"   Vesta-Chiron is a four-year cycle that's just beginning, and the Asbolus-Uranus it consorts with is an aeon.   But in the short term they end up triggering the two big patterns of 2004 - our relationship/manifestation void (waning Venus-Mars) and our identities as healers (Saturn-Chiron opposition).


           Here'sa coupla rocks that promote intuition and yin integrity.   Lapis Lazuli is a mixture of Lazurite (the blue), Calcite (the white stripes), and Pyrite (the shiny baubles), so it really is a "rock."   Geologists distinguish "minerals," which have a consistent chemical structure, from "rocks," which are combinations of minerals.   Lazurite on the other hand is an actual "mineral." Minerals may or may not have crystal form like this Lazurite - minerals may also be "massive" or noncrystalline.   Lapis is a door into ancient mysteries, provides protection to truth-speakers, and balances the yingyang, so it fits this week pretty durn well.