Soft Belly

26 December 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           A properly functioning Uranus leads us to our yin integrity, our ability and willingness to stand in our own Truth.   In case ya didnt know, Truth is personal, each person has their own.   Trying to win converts to yer Truth is a waste of time, and listening to folks who need to convince you that their Truth is bettern yer'n is worse - they might succeed!   Yin integrity aint about keeping yer agreements, thats yang integrity.   Keeping agreements is good, but it aint Uranus, it's Saturn.   Where Uranus and yin integrity are involved, yer more likely to be renegotiating yer agreements than keeping em - though even that's optional.

           When Uranus is wounded, it's the Saturn function that dominates, and obedience takes the place of integrity.   Obedience to parental introjections (teachings from parents or church or school which we adopted as our own because we didn't have access to our own wisdom, and haven't outgrown yet), obedience to other people's expectations and desires and demands, obedience to social norms, obedience to the economics of scarcity.   Since integrity is our natural state, obedience is always compensated by rebellion, and rebellion is usually unconscious.   That's why Uranus is often seen as rebellion and disruption.

           So when Uranus is lit up, it's always an opportunity to convert a chunk of unconscious obedience/rebellion to conscious integrity.   Rebellion is usually unconscious, so it acts like an addiction - we may be sorry after we did it, but preventing it from happening again is not something we have control over.   So rebellion is difficult to work with.   Obedience is more available, and since rebellion and obedience compensate for one another, when we get conscious of obedience, we gain more control over rebellion - and increase integrity.   So we can simply make a list of our gottas - all the things we believe we must do.

           We gotta work, we gotta eat, pay the mortgage/rent, do what the boss says, keep our agreements, vaccuum, keep them from feeling that, take our vitabeans, avoid those thoughts, be positive, go out on Friday or Saturday night, be faithful, have kids, get a new car every three years, sleep more - or less, have or skip dessert, write, find The Relationship before we can get to work on our own life dreams.   Our gottas of course include all our must nots and shalt nots - covet yer neighbor's hubby, patronize Wal-Mart, buy things with excess packaging, give him the wrong idea, go out in the rain without galoshes, leave the barn door open, run around nekkid under yer clothes.   Many of us have more shants than gottas.

           Notice that yer moral values aren't part of the Uranus equation.   Morality is not about spirituality or integrity, it's an intellectual introjection.   Your morality may well be of tremendous value to you and yer community, and it may be the best thing since sliced cake, but morality is a yang integrity thing, Saturn.   So yer moral gottas and shants go on yer list too.

           The next step is simple.   For each item on yer list, just ask, "Well, what if I didn't!"   That's enough right there, because it will get you in touch with the fear which enforces that obedience (news flash - the stories that you hear about how awful it would be, are wonton wrappers for packets of fear), and probably also touch the excitement you'd feel if you liberated yerself from that gotta.   You can go furthur if ya want, and ask things like "Where did I first learn that?" or "What's the worst thing that could happen if I didn't?" But the most powerful process would be to touch the fear under each obedience, and be loving with the fear as fear, as raw emotion separate from the obedience that led you to it.   Then breathe.

           Probably be most effective to put some time between each item on yer list, give yerself a couple hours to integrate.   If yer mind wants to intervene and say "You mustn't give up that gotta!" set the mind aside.   Nobody's asking you to give up anything, only to locate and be loving with a small bundle of institutionalized fear.   A gotta list will be a thousand times more effective than resolutions, especially this year.

           Why all the focus on Uranus?   Uranus enters Pisces on Tuesday - Seattle 1am, New York 4am, London 9am, Jerusalem 11am, Sydney 8pm Tuesday, Honolulu 11pm Monday.   And of course, it's Uranus that provides the primary colors for 2012 and the shift of ages, and Uranian notions that underly the new physics.   As hupers transcend their egos and hardcopy bods, Uranus is the first gate, and we all go through it in 2012.   The second gate, Neptune, arrives in 2040.

           In Pisces, Uranus leads us to our emotional integrity.   One thing that'll mean, is that we'll need to learn how to recognize and express those emotions which are now difficult for us to recognize and express.   When we do that, we'll be able to hear better when others express the emotions that are difficult for them to express, which will greatly improve our relationships.   There are two major types of emotions - those issued by the Heart (Venus), which tell us what is valuable to us in the big picture and over the long haul, and those issued by the Belly (Moon), which tell us what we regard as priority number one in the moment.

           Heart-emotions inform us about our own Truth, while Belly-emotions are more likely to tell us what we need to release in order to locate our Heart-emotions.   When ya think about someone who's calm, centered, compassionate, yet unflinchingly committed to their Truth, yer thinking of a Heart-centered person.   When ya think about someone who's scattered, frazzled, mean, easily flies off the handle, maybe even "hysterical" - that's a Belly-centered person.   Pisces is mutable water.   Water means emotion, mutable means mutating changing releasing transforming deconstructing.   Pisces is about emotions of the Belly.

           We aint saying that the sign Pisces is scattered, frazzled, mean, hysterical, or easily flies off the handle and we definitely aint saying that any person whom you associate with the sign Pisces is in any way like that.   What we are saying, is that Pisces is the place where we learn how to work with emotional synergies that seem scattered, frazzled, mean, flighty, hysterical, rapidly changing.   Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which represents our connection with forces that are larger than the individual, and reminds us that all emotions are sacred to the Goddess.   A Belly-centered person is frazzled because they're connected directly to God.   Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Kerouac's On the Road, and chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita are all testaments to that.

           Our unconscious emotional investment in our gottas and shants and cants used to be called karma, but karma's over now, so it's simply time to replace those with conscious heart-centered choices.   If yer comfortable dealing with all yer emotions, then Uranus's seven years in Pisces will be an exciting time, full of delightful surprises and creative juices.   If you still got some pearl-diving to do, still keeping a tight wrapper around a few cystic lumps of ancient emotion, then this is the ideal time to lovingly surface and release those.   It'd be a good time to read all them Emotional Intelligence books.   By the time Uranus enters Aries in March of 2011 (preview May-August 2010), we'll be swept clean.

           Previews of Uranus in Pisces?   Well, Uranus dipped its toebone into Pisces last Spring, entering on 11 March, turning retrograde at 3 Pisces on 7 June, and backing into Aqua for final review on 15 September.   Uranus's last adventure in Pisces was 1919-1927, too long ago for most of us to remember.   Prohibition ran from 1920 to 1933, the big bull market from 1921 to 1929.   But Uranus in Pisces has some factors in common with Uranus in Virgo (release, change) and with Uranus in Scorpio (emotionality).   Uranus was in Virgo from 1962 to 1968, and in Scorpio from 1974 to 1981.   I know, those weren't my favorite years either, but this is the final housecleaning, we'll get to see how much we did indeed release in those years.

           Michael Gienger says Fluorite (Calcium Fluorite) "stimulates the 'free spirit' that wishes to determine and shape his/her own life.   It makes us aware of where we are being controlled by outside influences... and helps us rapidly dissolve these undesirable influences... Fluorite makes us aware of repressed feelings" [Crystal Power, Crystal Healing pp.285-286].   Our totem for the next seven years.

Fluorite photo:J.Buss            Fluorite/Sphalerite photo:J.Buss

           Here's a polished green-and-purple "cleavage octahedron."   Fluorite crystals are cubes, but they cleave into octahedrons - two pyramids base to base.   Fluorite comes in just about any color you can think of, but green (heart) and purple (crown) is a common combination.   The second picture is a mass of intergrown Fluorite cubes, milky and slightly purplish, with little red Sphalerite (Zinc Sulphide) crystals sprinkled across the surface. Sphalerite helps to balance yin and yang synergies within - something we'll find very useful during 2004.