30 November 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Didja feel the shift today, when Mercury crossed the Galactic Center?   Felt like a Uranus-Neptune transit to me, though that coulda been the Vesta-Pluto conjunction I was feeling.

           Which one was it I was feeling?   Well, I got Linda Hill's Sabian Symbols as an Oracle today, lets see if she can tell us.   Her version of 20 Sadge (the Vesta-Pluto) is pretty Capricorny, basically, "Winter's comin, Man, better get yer butt in gear!"   And it aspects my natal Saturn to boot, so it weren't that I was feeling today!   Frankly, I like Jones's "Let's make lemonade" version of 20 Sadge a lot better.

           Not to discount Hill's book.   I like the way she looks at the symbols from many different perspectives, it inspires the intuition.   Her 27 Sadge is a bit closer - basically it's "Ya rolls yer own."   And the closest she gets to "careful whatcha ask for," is "having one's designs set in stone" [p.267].   Still not quite a Uranus-Neptune transit, but it's definitely closer than the 20-Sadge "Plan ahea" degree.

           But the real reason I bring all this up, is that Mercury entered it's "shadow" today at 27 Sadge.   I know, "shadow" sounds like the Dark Side and all that, but that's the astroterm.   Mercury's next retreat spans 27 Sadge to 13 Capricorn - that is, Mercury goes retrograde on 17 December at 13 Cap, and goes direct again on 6 January at 27 Sadge.

           The significant thing about a retreat, is that the planet crosses thrice everything in the span of the retreat.   So between now and 17 December, Mercury will cross 27 Sadge-13 Cap. Then between 17 December and 6 January, it'll cross that span again, backwards.   And finally, between 6 January and 25 January, it'll dance through the same zone for the third time.   So whatever that planet in that zone means, it gets a workout.

           And of course, if you got natal planets in this "shadow," they get a workout too.   It won't hurt at all to generalize the shadow to include not just Sadge-Cap, but all the mutable-cardinal cusps - that is, 27 Pisces to 13 Aries, 27 Gemini to 13 Cancer, and 27 Virgo to 13 Libra.   That way we include squares and oppositions, which we can be just as strong as conjunctions.

           So what then does this mean, Mercury working over the cardinal cusps, particularly the cusp of Cap?   Well, the cardinal cusps are about rebirth (which is probably why it felt like a 3-Libra day to me), and Mercury is about the mind.   So yippee, we get a new download for the mindbone!   Follows perfectly from the End of Karma that the Harmonic Concordance blessed us with, because karma is a screen that sat between us and reality.   We didn't see reality, we saw reality filtered through our karma - when our screen was thin enough that we could see reality at all.

           I'm sure you've all dealt with someone who didn't seem to be seeing you at all, but some character out of their personal drama, that they projected onto you.   Not to say its the only issue we're dealing with over the next year, but relationship makes such a great example here, how can we resist.   Take any ex that you dumped - remember how it started out that they seemed like the cat's meow, and then, gradually or suddenly, it became very clear that they were a lot more like the cat's poop than the meow?

           At the meow stage you werent seeing reality, you was seeing yer filter, yer karma.   Then enough "contradictions" occurred between whatya wanted to see and what was going on in real life, that you couldn't deny the gap any more, and you started looking at reality without yer rose-quartz lens.   You've also known folks who seemed like demons at the beginning, and then "when ya got to know em" (ie, when you started seeing reality instead of yer projections), they turned out to be "not so bad" after all.

           So thats whats happening here.   Sagittarius is about cleaning the lens, throwing away old beliefs and structures that dont serve us any more.   And Capricorn is about acting efficiently, acting on the reality rather than the fantasy.   When you extrapolate quantum mechanics to consciousness, every time you have an insight about the difference between yer filter and what yer filtering, yer filter is washed clean.   The only reason we didn't drop karma sooner, is because we didn't know any better.

           We were always surrounded by folks who wanted us to help them hold their filter steady so they didnt have to take responsibility for what they were creating, and they returned the favor.   So every time our filter got cleaned, we had no idea what to do next, and that old filter was sure a nice map, so sure nuff, we got out our old karma and repainted our old filter onto the clean glass.   What we'll be doing over the next two months, is learning not to repaint!

           Of course that means we'll be having to learn some new ways to think about things, and new ways to relate to reality.   Now I know why I was looking over those Sai Baba books today.   Lets see what Ms Hill has to say about 3 Libra.

"Waking up with a whole new consciousness or sense of reality.   Emerging from depression.   Huge changes that erase things that mattered before.   Radical shifts and changes.   Major life experiences.   Being reborn" [p.183].
Sounds good to me.

           This Mercury retreat braids with retreats of Saturn and Pallas, so we'll be thinking newly about these dudes.   Saturn used to be associated with limitation, but now it will become focus and concentration.   Pallas used to be the sort of wisdom we gained from experience, sorta the "if it dont killya it makesya stronger" variety.   Now we can go straight to our intuition, we've had more than enough of hard-earned wisdom.   Since these all braid one another, we'll also be learning to focus our thinking, and learning to use our thinking to support our intuition rather than contesting it.

           The Saturn retreat spans 7-14 Cancer and July till June.   The Pallas retreat spans 10-29 of Aries and May through February.   So it's 10-13 of the cardinal signs which get worked over thrice by all three, and get the biggest rebirth.   In these degrees we've already created our masterpiece, and we're beginning to add the final embellishments.

           Mercury will also cross Mars and Vesta while it's retrograde, thus crossing these planets thrice as well, though these two aren't on retreat at this time.   So we'll also be thinking newly about how we assert ourself, and about how and whom we serve.   Busy busy!   Time to pass out the name tags, so we can recognize one another come February.