More Feet to Wash

29 November 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Sunday's Vesta-Pluto conjunction (Honolulu 5am, Seattle 7am, New York 10am, London 3pm, Jerusalem 5pm, Melbourne 2am Monday) aint that rare, they occur every four years.   But they're important because Pluto represents that which we cannot avoid and that which is being transformed, and Vesta represents what we serve, what we hold sacred, what we make sacrifices for and offerings to.   So these conjunctions always represent an initiation into some new aspect of Spirit.

           The last Vesta-Pluto was conjunct the healer Chiron, on 12 January 2000 at 12 Sadge, which Rudhyar calls "the spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations" [p.216] and Jones calls "self-establishment through genuine self-expression" if one avoids "idle prejudices and unsubstantiated claims" [p.221].   We've certainly seen the former and aspired toward the latter!

           This one occurs at 20 Sadge, "Men cutting through ice... exceptional capacity for overcoming obstacles and capitalizing on every possible eventuality" if one rejects dogma and scarcity [Jones p.229], but it also closely squares the Mars-Jupiter opposition, which empowers the vacancy at 20 Gemini even more strongly - "A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food [from] various regions: The assimilation of multifarious knowledge" [Rudhyar p.103].   Think globally, act locally.

           The Mars-Jupiter opposition was of course one of the poles of the Harmonic Concordance Merkabah, squared by the "Goddess Party" - in simple terms the symbol for the "End of the Patriarchy."   The core elements of that tsquare were the waning square of Venus to Mars, and the Vesta-Juno conjunction.   So it sounds like any places where our inner lass and inner lad dont see eye to eye, we're gonna get a workout.   Our inner lass (heart) is in charge of values and integrity, and if our inner lad (action) dont serve Her, then theres trouble.   We'll talk more about that inaminute.

           This synergy becomes permanent during 2004, as Vesta's retreat braids with both Pluto and Venus, squaring Pluto thrice, on 11 June, 18 September, and 18 December.   The early-June events are particularly strong, as Venus transits the face of the Sun while opposing Pluto, both squared by Vesta.   At that point Venus is retrograde at 18 Gemini, but the tsquare makes 20 Virgo the power point.   Recall that the famous May 2002 outabounds Venus-Mars conjunction, enhanced by Saturn-Pluto-Dragon, occurred at 19 Gemini.   And the final Vesta-Pluto square in December occurs just after the next Venus-Mars conjunction, the one thats in the same degree as the Harmonic Concordance eclipse.   Meanwhile on 10 June 04, as was the case at the Harmonic Concordance, Uranus is stationary (strong), beginning a retreat at 7 Pisces, the same degree as the Juno-Uranus conjunction of February 2005.

           So this synergy waxes as our old perfect pictures lose their numinosity, and this new sense of what we hold sacred will be replacing our old relationship fantasies.   We can see a theme building here, and its basically 18-20 Gemini.   We can read these degrees as the end of the Libra decanate of Gemini and the start of the Aquarius decanate - replacing congeniality with integrity, without sacrificing our flexibility.   Sounds like lotsa renegotiating gonna be going on.

           When it comes to yer inner lass and inner lad, it dont much matter whats betwixt yer gams - folks of the feminine persuasion might be more likely to defer to their hearts, but it aint a given.   Simple checkpoint: if yer holding resentment or lust toward either gender, you got some work to do loving yer resentment and lust into oblivion.   Lust isnt about sex, its about power.   Its that sense of "if only I had a mate that would complete me."   The program for 2004 is about letting go of the projections which prevent us from completing ourselves.

           Forget "forgiveness" as a way to dissolve resentment - forgiveness is a discovery, not a decision.   If you discover yer resentment is all gone, then you've "forgiven."   Till then, someone who asks you to forgive, is asking you to abandon yourself.   It's very different when someone asks you to renegotiate.   If you resent yer resentment and think you can decide to forgive, or if you like yer resentment and wanna keep on resenting, well, either one is a huge act of self-abandonment and yer inner lass'll kick and scream about it.   And it'll be yer manifestations that she kicks.

           There's knife-edges here.   When we wanna keep on resenting, its because we been ripped off and resentment is the only way we trust to keep it from happening again.   If we just decide to let resentment go, we may recreate more ripoff.   Stay with me here, this is subtle.   We cant just switch to rejecting our resentment, and "loving" here does not mean "self-congratulating."   Locating our resentment in our body and being loving with it there may help us learn to appreciate what it feels like to be self-defending without being "defended," or discriminating and vulnerable at the same time.

           Which is where we'd like to be.   We can always do some research into new ways to set boundaries, of course, that never hurt nobody except the folks who wanted to rip us off.   Anne Katherine and Charles Whitfield have written good books on boundaries.   We can declare the intention to become exquisitely conscious of our guilt, and develop the habit of meeting it with love for the guilt in our body rather than meeting it with surrender to external guilt-trippers.

           There's two more Vesta-Pluto cycles before 2012 - 11 October 2007 at the Galactic Center, 27 Sadge ("The ability to project one's vision upon and to give form to materials" - Rudhyar p.226), and 11 February 2011 at 7 Capricorn ("A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a God" - p.233).   Jones's view of 7 Capricorn is particularly interesting, "When positive, the degree is unerring insight into the motives of [hupers] and a consequent gift for organizing their efforts along any given line of accomplishment, and when negative, inability to distinguish true values from false" [p.247].