15 December 2003

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    Bryan de Flores

           Mercury goes into retreat on Wednesday, so if you subscribe to the traditional Mercury dramas, get yer important business done on Monday and Tuesday, so you can kick back for the holydays and enjoy yerself.   The retreat begins at 6am in Honolulu, 8am in Seattle, 11am in Montreal, 4pm in London, 6pm in Jerusalem, and 3am Thursday in Melbourne.

           If yer traveling on Wednesday, just be prepared to give it to God.   It'll work out fine, just maybe not quite the way you had planned.   That's what Mercury retrograde's all about, helping us realize that the mind is actually smaller than the Universe, even though the mind would love to believe it's the other way around.   Onea the bigger spiritual gifts we receive, these thrice-yearly Mercury retreats.

           We already talked quite abit about this retreat, in "Reveille."   To review, it's the first halfa the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capercorn) what get worked over here, plus the Galactic Center.   Timely that we get a Mercury-peek into the Galactic Center, since according to some, this is what the whole 2012 enchilada is about, the northern Winter Solstice and southern Summer Solstice lining up with the Galactic Center.

           I did get them Sai Baba books that I was fondling in "Reveille," and he says that the nadir of Kali Yuga occurred around 1778 (Hislop, Conversations, p.20).   Kali Yuga is the age of materialism that we're currently immersed in.   Jenkins (Galactic Alignment) claims 2012 is the nadir, but it dont much matter - the important point is that we're now heading back "up," and hupers are scheduled to slowly recover their more admirable qualities.   That'll take 12-13,000 years, but what the hey, wouldn't ya rather be heading "up" than "down"?

           It's worth recalling that this Mercury retreat braids with retreats of Pallas and Saturn, which basically ties it to our Saturn-Chiron (webedahealer) adventures.   So in addition to the many things we spoke of in "Reveille," we'll be shifting our beliefs about healing, making them more practical.   Shayna Darshana tells us about a good place to start,

If that link gets cut off, go in through and click on "Newsletters."

           The other thing going on this week, which we may even be feeling already, is a waxing square of Juno to Jupiter, climaxing on Saturday-Sunday at 7pm Saturday Honolulu, 9pm Saturday Seattle, midnight Saturday night New York, 5am Sunday London, 7am Sunday Jerusalem, 4pm Sunday Sydney.   The Juno-Jupiter cycle is about how our identifications with things outside ourselves expand us, and how they can take us off our center if we let them.   The ways we give away our power, for good or ill.

           This cycle began at the end of July 2001, at 4 Cancer.   Rudhyar says 4 Cancer is about backsliding, about the mindbone trying to talk us into believing that our old indulgences are okay, even after we've shifted to a new reality [p.112].   Hill says "this Symbol can imply a lot of 'Arguing' going on inside your self which can lead to feeling dis-empowered.   How long can you engage in this game when the outcome is assuredly a useless waste of time?" [p.94].   Good call, Lynda, very timely for a Mercury retreat!   If yer in Doubt, then yer in the mind, and its time to get out and get into the heart instead.

           But that's kinda negative astrology a little bit, and you know we dont much tolerate negative astrology!   So what happens when the real Juno-Jupiter cycle stands up?   Basically, this event says to you, "Hey, you remember what you was doing before 9/11?"   Yes, the world changed on 11 September 2001, but we had changes coming on before that, and the media has worked hard to help us forget them.   What were they?   Take a coupla minutes and see if you can remember...

[suspense-building music]

Is that your final answer?

           Hey, whaddaya know, astrology also has an opinion on this!   This gets a little tricky, so I'll summarize it first...

           If yer gonna talk about the summer of 2001, ya gotta talk about the Saturn-Pluto cycle, because that was the biggest thing happening then.   The Saturn-Pluto events going on then were tied up with Vesta and Pallas, so we gotta talk about them too.   The bottom line?   Well, we'll summarize that after we look at the details...

           We were just coming into the Saturn-Pluto opposition then, it was even before the big rift in our relationships in May 2002.   So what was the Saturn-Pluto about?   Our take on it at the time is at   (You newbies might not realize we been doing this newsletter since 1988.)   That cycle was initiated in November 1982 at 28 Libra, which Rudhyar calls "A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them" [p.190] and Hill labels "A person alone in deep gloom; unnoticed, angels are coming to their aid" [p.208].   (I could recommend a Wim Wenders film here, but Nick Cage fans might be offended.)

           That's wild.   You probably remember where you was on 12/31/1999.   As I recall, 12/31/2000 was a real non-event, even though it began the Millennium.   You remember what was going on for you on 12/31/2000?   Or in the first half of 2001?   Myself, I was starting a large project to eliminate self-doubt.   What project of yours did 9/11 not interrupt?

           The Saturn-Pluto opposition was braided by both Vesta and Pallas.   Vesta's involvement was what made George and Tony confuse themselves with Nero and Octavian.   We just reviewed the Vesta-Pluto cycle ("More Feet to Wash" - you can find recent past issues like this and "Reveille" at, because we just began a new one.   The one that was peaking in summer of 2001 was the Vesta-Chiron-Pluto of 12/30/1999, the one about "great symbols of a New Age" [Rudhyar p.221].

           The Pallas-Pluto cycle was intiated in March 2001 at 16 Sadge - "The easily acquired dependence of psychic desires upon the stimulation of social circumstances" [Rudhyar p.219] - or the sublimation of "great symbols of a New Age" beneath shameless exploitation of fear for private gain.   This cycle doesn't peak until the end of May 2004.   That would be a good time for the media to either destroy its credibility with blatant attempts to cover up 9/11 dirt, or to turn against the establishment in an effort to save its own frequency modulated ass.

           Okay, so what does all that tell us?   That the synergy which is peaking this week, is a continuation of the synergy that's the real background music here, if we discount 9/11 as an attempt to divert attention from the "ascension."   That we have the opportunity this week to get back on track, to notice for instance how we've been manipulated into associating Saddam with our revulsion for 9/11, and to remember the changes we were working on before 9/11.   To recall that the spiritual meaning of Saturn-Pluto is one-pointed attention, and how our attention was turned by 9/11.

           Many people remained focused on Love throughout 9/11 and the whole deep gloom surrounding it.   I was angered by the way the Lizard King manipulated it to gain his ends from a hysterical mob, and loving that anger was an important part of my process with self-doubt.   You were working on a project before 9/11, and 9/11 changed the nature of your project.   It may have felt like an interruption.   From this week's perspective, you may be able to integrate the two - your original project and the interruption, to re-vision your adventures since the turn of the century so they illustrate one-pointed attention.   That would be a good place to be this week.

           Astrophyllite's good for focusing your attention.

Astrophyllite photo:J.Buss

           Just in case anybody's actually keeping track, the next Juno-Jupiter cycle begins in February 2009 at 9 Aquarius (in a word, "Ascension" [Hill p.309]).   The next Pallas-Pluto cycle initiates at 26 Sadge ("courage of convictions" [Hill p.266]) in January 2006, and the next Saturn-Pluto cycle begins in January 2020 at 23 Capricorn ("A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat" [Rudhyar p.243]).